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Life-hacks for Lighthouses

In a dark world, the beacon shines brightest. Have no illusions, we live in a dark world. But that’s all the more reason to shine your light. Flash it with ruthless abandon. Let it sparkle and glitter... »

Are You Moving Towards the Life You Want or Away From It?

Are You Moving Towards the Life You Want or Away From It?

“Life is truly what you make it. The purpose and meaning of life is the purpose and meaning that you give it” — Steven Redhead Life doesn’t come with a rule book. With over 7 billion people livi... »

Abhay mudra

10 Buddha Mudras to Practice in Daily Life

Mudras or hand gestures is a practice to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In the Vedic tradition, the fingers of the hand represent the five basic elements that make up the huma... »


Sacred Activism and the Lighting of the Third Fire

“Sacred activism is the fusion of the mystic’s passion for God with the activist’s passion for justice — creating a third fire, which is the burning sacred heart that longs to help, preserve, an... »

Seven Steps toward Sublime Impeccability

Seven Steps toward Sublime Impeccability

“Whereas the beautiful is limited, the sublime is limitless, so that the mind in the presence of the sublime, attempting to imagine what it cannot, has pain in the failure but pleasure in contemplatin... »

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