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helen keller on life adventure

Three Liberating Questions to Free You from the Tyranny of the Norm

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ~ Charles Bukowski In a world where “the norm” is healthy, sustainable, just, and moral, there would be no reason to write this ... »

The Story of The Garden of Eden: True or False?

The Story of The Garden of Eden: True or False?

“Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. 22 of these are equally matched. The exception, pair number 23, the sex chromosomes, are matched in the female (XX) and mismatched in the male (XY). We say mismat... »


Ten Poems Every Spiritual Seeker Should Read

“Poetry Forgive me for having helped you understand You’re not made of words alone.” ~ Roque Dalton Poetry is spiritual blood, spilling from the pen as though a razor has sliced open the wrist of the ... »

accepting our inner critic

The Inner Critic: Making Friends with that Little Voice in your Head

“What if your inner critic turned out not to be an evil bully needing to be conquered, but a frightened child needing your reassurance.” ~ Jo Hilder We all know by now that the ego thrives... »

sedentary lifestyle

The Perils of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for long hours and less physical activity increases the risk of heart diseases, sleep disorders, premature death, mental fatigue, etc. American Heart Association states that there is an 83% hi... »

10 Things Children have to Teach Us

10 Things Children have to Teach Us

You don’t have to have children to be aware of the many wonderful ways they can light up your life, or generally teach you more than any yoda might be able to… despite the similarity in size. Spending... »

Five Superhuman Ways to Suck the Marrow out of Life

Five Superhuman Ways to Suck the Marrow out of Life

“To change, a person must face the dragon of his appetites with another dragon, the life-energy of the soul.” ~ Rumi Life has a way of slapping us across the face, but there’s nothing saying that we c... »


10 Inspirational Quotes to Call Upon When You’re Struggling

No life is devoid of struggle. In fact, it is our struggle that makes us wiser, more grateful, and more appreciative of life. Our struggle gives us character. It gives us a story to tell. It may be ha... »


The Mystery of the Self: A Spectacularly Useful Illusion

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.” ~ Alan Watts My advice, here at the outset of this article about the self, is to take less into consideration Descartes’ dictum cogit... »

benevolent goddess

The Ruler Archetype: 3 Types of Matriarch

The Devouring Mother “The Devouring Mother “consumes” her children psychologically and emotionally and often instills in them feelings of guilt at leaving her or becoming independent.” ~ C... »

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