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Getting High on God

What Bhavika has to say:

Meeting Nick was an enthralling experience, not only for me but for hundreds of people who turned up at Tawasi Hall, Metro, to witness this great soul. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a young man (Nick’s helper) holding Nick in his arms and placing him on the table. He is filled with boundless joy and happiness. He’s a wonderful and powerful speaker and his words have left an indelible impression on my mind. The 23-year old Nick has this aura around him, and he emanates this indescribable energy and vibes.

He also narrates anecdotes about his journey around the world. A kid once saw him and thought he was an alien, and another one asked him where he had left his arms and legs, and Nick replied, “I’ve left them at home.” A very pleasant personality, indeed. So if you see him around, make sure you give him a hug, because he is also known as the hugging machine.

What Clyde has to say:

Firstly the event was quite unorganised. We had to wait for one and a half hour before it kickstarted. Nick took us off on a humorous start the best joke I liked, was when Nick sits in a car the only visible is his head through the front passenger side window. Once at a traffic signal a car pulled up next to him with a woman who was looking at him through her window.

So he loosened his seatbelt and did a complete 360 on his seat, all the woman could see was his head going round like from the movie exorcist and she started screaming. Nick had massive energy with his voice and it was awesome how intently you begin to listen to him talk.

Its almost like getting into a state of trance where you forget where you are and what you are doing, you are only listening to his voice and it feels like time has come to a standstill for a moment. Nick preached for an hour and at the end of his session said a prayer. A very powerful prayer that helped you connect spiritually with yourself and God. During this prayer a woman fell unconscious in front of us, and I had got a rush of bliss, I could compare this rush similar to a feeling on psychedelics.

The Born Again Christians that organize the event were from the New Life Fellowship. They handed out pamphlets for people to join them, we did not sign up for it though. The thing is that I feel that the Born Again church can be compared to New Age rock. It’s like they have evolved to capture the youth of the new generation. Their hymns call Jesus the Master of the Universe and Galaxy, which is something people a few generations older will not be able to relate too.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and would love to get high on God once in a while! You can some videos of Nick’s testimonies

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Multidimensional spiritual being and founder of Fractal Enlightenment having a human experience and trying to improve it. One of the main purpose of why we started FractalEnlightenment, im a torch bearer, trying to shine the light in dark places. Thank you for gracing me with your presence, In Lak'ech Ala K'in! (I am another you)

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