Israel Using Holocaust as an Excuse for War

A recent comment on a post I did three years ago called, Israel is no Holy Land and then Aliston posted a video on Facebook that made me want to put it here. It talks about how Israel uses the holocaust as an excuse to commit atrocious crimes even today.

Then a little trolling got me going through a few more videos related to the subject that have been shared with you. The second video was perhaps an incident that you came across when it happend, never got to see the behind the scenes until now though.

Raanan Gissin and Norman Finkelstein have a face off on a talk show pulling up some interesting points.

Thank us with a share, not only does it help us grow, by sharing knowledge you help shift the planets consciousness. Thank you so much:
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melaniable says:

I really enjoy your website, please do not be disheartened by negativity.

Alex Machina says:

And then again, maybe you just don’t want to hear the truth about Israel and a signifcant portion of its citizenry.