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A Letter of Hope from Iraq

This is a follow-up on my earlier post on, an initiative which focuses on the critical issues facing the world today. One of which is the Iraq War. On May 3rd, US, Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian leaders will meet for the first time ever to debate Iraq’s future. Avaaz is launching a major advertising and text-message campaign inside Iraq this week to bring Iraqi voices to this decisive meeting.

American Bombs Kill Kids

Being one of the members of Avaaz, I received an e-mail (below) on this initiative with a very touching letter written by Khalid Jarrar, who has been a supporter of Avaaz in Iraq. He talks about the situation in Iraq and how his life has changed drastically since this catastrophe. Now he stays as a Iraqi refuge in Jordan. It is very impactful and moving. I had tears in my eyes while reading this.


I want to introduce myself, and tell you a story, but i don’t know how to start, and where to stop.

My name is Khalid, i am an environmental engineering student and i am 24, but this is the least important to know about me, what’s really important for me to tell, and for you to know, is that I am Iraqi, and that I have a deep, deep wound in my soul, that has been bleeding for over four years now.

Kid on Cycle Looses a Leg
Iraq, my soul, is bleeding. And i had to leave it against my will, because of the incredibly bad security situation that led to me getting kidnapped and my family paying a huge ransom, which made me leave immediately after i was released in fear that i would be kidnapped again. I left Iraq one month before my graduation and had to come to Jordan, which made me lose two years of my university time and life, but even worse, made me lose the company of the Tigris and the Euphrates.

I had to travel, leaving Iraq behind me, to live like a refuge, one of a million other refuges, in a country of less than five millions people, that already has its own financial problems without needing our additional burden to add to it. I am an Iraqi refuge in Jordan.

Since I left in July 2005, things have exponentially deteriorated in every possible aspect, now people hardly get 1 hours of electricity a day, they have water problems, regular lack of gas that its prices multiplied about 20 times since the war. Let alone the main and real problems of the actual presence of an occupation that is leaching on the country and causing the destruction to its people, unity, sovereignty, infrastructure and economy.A Child Casualty in Iraq
Iraq is the loving mother, that gave birth to thinkers and builders, people that enriched humanity with their contributions in all aspects of life, people that their civilization accumulated for over 7000 years till now.

Iraq, the noble wisdom, the land of the two flowing rivers, the land of the mosques and churches, is in crises, and needs your help.

it needs your help.

Iraqis need the support of the world, of every human being that believes in the values of justice and peace, of every person that cares about the judgment of history on what the world did when Iraq needed its support the most. Iraq, needs your voice, to support the voices of its own people, to help remove that injustice, and help it rise up again and stand on its feet.

Occupation is Not Liberation
Help us demand to give Iraq back to Iraqis, and to prove to the future generations once more, that occupations don’t last, that occupations are wrong, and that the will of people is invincible. Help us clear to them that our hearts and minds, our values and sense of justice, are stronger than any tank, battleship or rocket. Help us by signing petition that will be presented to the politicians discussing the future of Iraq security, help by asking your friends to do so, let our voices be louder than the roars of weapons and the madness of greeds, help us, sign petition now, let our voice be heard, support Iraq today, and once the last occupying soldier leaves iraq, and once we rebuild our country with out own hands, we will reciever you in Baghdad, and you will see the love and gratitude competed by nothing but Iraqi hospitality.

Together we can prove that our brotherhood is strong, together we can prove that our bonds are real, I can see that day coming, really soon.


Click below to join Khalid in telling US, Iraqi and international leaders to do the right thing for Iraq:

A New Plan for Iraq!

If you feel strongly as well about this issue, then go ahead its the right platform to nail Bush.

The Liars Stay Home, The Soldiers Die

BBC News


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