Help the G8 Summit Tackle Global Warming

Action speaks louder than words and here is our change to be heard and get noticed. The impact of Global Warming is getting worse and a serious action has to be taken. Avaaz, the online campaigner, is fighting for its cause in G8 summit in Germany from June 6-8, 2007.

Here is an excerpt of a letter I received a few days back from Avaaz.

In just days, the leaders of the thirteen most powerful, most polluting countries on earth are meeting in Germany for the G8+5 summit. Climate change is at the top of the agenda – partly because so many of us fought to get it there. But at the last minute, the US government is flatly refusing any serious action against global warming.

G8 leaders Global Warming
Bush and his aides know the tide has turned against them, so they’re making a last-ditch play to stop the world. We can’t let them succeed. All 13 leaders need to hear inaction is not an option – but to get that message through we have to build the biggest global climate change petition in history before June 8.

Add your voice – sign now before it’s too late:

Sign the Petition

This is the moment to make a stand. Together, the countries of leaders assembling at the G8+5 summit in Germany produce over 70% of global warming emissions. They are the key to averting catastrophe. So we’re going to do everything we possibly can to be heard – present the petition publicly, privately, every chance we get.

Here’s the message leaders will hear:

“Climate change is the greatest threat facing our world today – and we are almost out of time to stop it. You must tackle this problem now, decisively and together. Start working toward a new global agreement this year. Set binding global targets for emissions to avert catastrophic climate change. Take bold action immediately – and we will join our efforts with yours.”

This global summit is the key. Before it’s too late, in these next ten days, let’s raise a global cry that can’t be ignored – to save our fragile planet, and avert looming danger to millions of lives.


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