Spanish Flamenco Performance

Spanish flamenco performance


I went for a Spanish Cultural Evening recently in Mumbai and the highlight of the party was Flamenco performance by internationally renowned flamenco dancer Carmen Cortes and her husband who is considered the best flamenco guitar players Gerardo Nunez.I had seen it on TV but never experienced the real dance.

What is Flamenco?

Flamenco is a vigorous rhythmic dance style; also music or song suitable to accompany a flamenco dance. The dance, which is passionate and seductive at the same time, involves a lot of hand movement and footwork which is quite intricate. Flamenco exists in three forms: el cante, the song, el baile, the dance, and la guitarra, the guitar playing. An interesting fact – Gypsies are believed to have invented Flamenco and Gypsies actually have their origins in India. So a Spanish musical genre with a touch of India!Carmen the Flamenco Dancer in ActionApart from that, Andalusia was the breeding ground for the continued development and mixing of Spanish folk music and for the Flamenco song. Read the history of Flamenco A combination of colorful polka-dot dresses, castanets, mellow tones of the acoustic guitar and rhythmic clapping, made the performance very fascinating and foot-tapping.Carmen (Flamenco dancer) and Gerardo (Flamenco guitar player)
I have taken few videos of Flamenco performance – Carmen (Flamenco dancer) and Gerardo (Flamenco guitar player) complement each other very well. I loved the way she gyrated and moved her body so gracefully.


Gerardo Nunez

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