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David Gallo: The Unexplored Ocean

Glowing Fractular JellyfishDavid Gallo, a pioneer in ocean exploration, is a enthusiastic ambassador between the sea and those of us on dry land.

Not only do we see a lot of fractal patterns and bioluminescent psychedelic light sources deep under the sea, but to realize the camouflage possibilities of the octopus at the end of the video, has completely blown me out.

Who is David Gallo?
Red and Yellow Bioluminesence
David Gallo works to push the bounds of oceanic discovery by being active in undersea exploration. He was one of the first oceanographers to use a combination of manned submersibles and robots to map the ocean world.

He sometimes partners with the Titanic-hunter Robert Ballard) and a co-expedition leader during an exploration of the RMS Titanic and the German battleship Bismarck, using Russian Mir subs. On behalf of the Woods Hole labs, he appears around the country speaking on ocean and water issues, and leading tours of the deep-ocean submersible Alvin

It’s ability to actually reproduce the shape and texture of the seabed, coral or algae is quite mind-boggling.

As the video lets us know that only 3% of the ocean has been explored and we still need to discover 97%, its quite clear that we have so much to discover under water.Download a High Quality Version of David Gallo’s Talk

Glowing OctopusComing back to the Octopus, it is the master of defense, diurnal octopuses such as the Octopus cyanea, produce elaborate colour patterns and highly complex skin textures capable of matching a wide range of backgrounds from sand and reef rubble, through to spiked corals and seaweeds. Their skin changes almost instantaneously as they move over different substrates on the sea floor.

Sea Creature Camouflages:

Impressed with the Octopus camouflage it appears here again along with a range of sea creatures that have impressive camouflage techniques.

TED is an amazing source of high talks from the innovators in the fields of Technology, Experience and Design, but goes beyond that as well.


David Gallo’s Talk on Ted

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