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Capital Punishment for Drug Trafficker

Ghulam Malik, has been sentenced to death by a special public prosecutor according to article 31-A of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS). The act is for traffickers caught for the second time.

The face value is that a major drug trafficker Malik was caught by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), who had seized a truck loaded with 142 kg of hashish in Ahmedabad in January 2002. Documents found in the truck indicated that 55 kg of the stash was destined for Mumbai where it was to be delivered to Malik.

HashThe second case once again is in January 14 2002, officials from the Mumbai unit of NCB tracked Malik to his Dongri residence where they found another 1.8 kg of hashish and Malik admitted to having stored more hash in his godown where the NCB found another 188 kg of hashish. This has been called the second case.

The truth, is kind of ridiculous as it seems to be one case, its not that he was put into prison and then come back and done the same crime. He admitted to the cops that he had more hash and he gets the death sentence for it.

Judge P B Sawant, who sentenced Malik to death, turned emotional after the sentencing and said, “In my 29 years in the profession and past ten years as a judicial officer I had given no capital punishment, but duty is duty and today I have performed it.”

Judge P B Sawant, its absolutely ridiculous that you could not see the flaw in the system and that a man is going to die because of it. But I have a strong feeling hes not going to die, the system will just suck out all the pots of money that he has made selling something that grows naturally on our beautiful countries mountains and valleys. Well he deserves to be behind bars I do hope all the other drug traffickers realize the mistake and stop selling something that should be provided for free.

Ganja grows in India!

Wild CannabisOh yes, we have the finest quality hashish produced in India and exported to all parts of the world. When we visited Joshimath on our trip up north we were surrounded by Ganja growing everywhere. If you don’t believe that Ganja grows here take a look at this picture we were taking an evening stroll down the road where our hotel was and look, we were surrounded by weed.

So is it fare for someone to loose their life with a system that is so unplanned, uncaring and treating smokers as “Drug” addicts when they have only realized the beauty of a plant provided by God. In India Ganja and Hashish have been used for centuries by holy men and was even used by some of the Hindu Gods like Shiva in 2000 BC. Up north it is sold freely and it is also widely used to make Bhang during Holi.

Sex, Drugs and DemocracyI recently happened to watch a documentary called, “Sex, Drugs and Democracy” in the Netherlands its pretty old I do not know how many people have watched it. If you think you actually have freedom in India, you need to watch this democracy to see how advanced the system is in Holland. Amsterdam, the place where every hippie would like to live, the values of people and the culture, the bonding of people from various backgrounds is truly amazing.

“A seductive documentary about Holland, which permits prostitution, abortion, pornography and marijuana use, has banned capital punishment and handguns, and has the lowest prison rate in the world, not to mention low rates of crime, abortion, teen pregnancy and drug deaths. The movie argues that many laws governing personal behavior cause more crime than they prevent.”
–Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

We really need to rethink our policies, that are biased to the use of so called “Drugs” for religious purposes and work towards a more accepting society. As Indians we really do have quite a narrow perspective and really lack the power to get back or change the system on a variety of issues that need to be addressed, thats my two cents do you have a say?

Watch Sex, Drugs and Democracy :


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