Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

Stephen Wiltshire: An autistic artistOn this blog we talk about incredible people whose stories are inspirational and thought-provoking. One such person I am about to write today is simply a genius and unbelievable. Stephen Wiltshire, aged 34, is like a human camera.

He takes a helicopter trip to get a aerial view of the city, memorises the landscape – appearance and position of the buildings – and draws purely from memory in such accurate detail, you will be stunned.

Memorising is easy for him, but not verbal communication, because Stephen was diagnosed with autism, a brain development disorder, at the age of 3.

Take a look at his sketch of the London Skyline (the first image is Stephen’s sketch and the second is a picture of London although the angles are a little different):
London skyline by Stephen WiltshireIn five days he drew the London skyline in fine detail on a 13ft curving canvas, never referring to notes, sketches or photographs.

Wow, isn’t it simply amazing, Stephen is wonderfully talented. He has drawn all the buildings in precise position with the exact number of floors, in mere five days. Its his way of communicating with people. He has traveled from Madrid to Frankfurt, London to Los Angeles and sketches what he remembers to create nearly perfectly proportioned, replicas.

Here is a short video where Stephen takes a helicopter journey over Rome and then draws a panoramic view of what he saw, entirely from memory.

His Early Days:

As a child, Stephen was mute and did not relate to other people. Aged three, he was diagnosed as autistic. He had no language, uncontrolled tantrums and lived entirely in his own world, until it was noticed that the only pastime he enjoyed was drawing. He uttered his first word at the age of seven and learned to speak fully at the age of nine. But by then he had already sold his first drawing of Salisbury Cathedral.

Accolades Followed…

Stephen Wiltshire - The human cameraSince then it has been no looking back for Stephen. He has appeared on several television shows, documentaries like BBC’s Fragments of Genius, to name a few. He has also opened his own gallery in London to display his magnificent artwork. In 2006 Stephen was named by Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Order of the British Empire, in recognition of his services to the art world.

A true genius, no wonder filmmakers called him the ‘human camera.’


Stephen Wiltshire, the human camera who drew London from memory

How autistic genius Stephen Wiltshire drew his amazing picture of London’s skyline

Image Source:

Amazing picture by an autistic artist

London-based artist draws Tokyo skyline in 7 days from memory!

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