The Elisabeth Fritzl Case

Elisabeth FritzlA hideous crime has surfaced in Austria, Josef Fritzl built a cellar for his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl, in the basement of his house. Locked her up in the windowless cellar in 1984, raped her and had seven children with her, one who died shortly after birth and their 19 year old daughter, Kerstin is in a serious condition in hospital with multiple organ failure.

Elisabeth Fritzl who is 42 years of age can be seen in an artists impression in the picture, doctors who are currently treating her said that the 24 years she spent underground has take a toll on her appearance and health as she looks more like the sister of her mother.

Elisabeth at 18, Josef Fritzl and the Cellar the Family was Locked inJosef Fritzl 73, has been placed under arrest and will be awaiting trial, he has had a history of rape and frequent brothel visits where even the prostitutes are known to fear him. Elisabeth plans on suing him for ruining her life at the age of 18.

Josef had a wife Rosemary who left him, he had seven children with her and tried recreating the same scenario with his daughter. The family are being cared for by psychiatrists and social workers in their home town of Amstetten, Lower Austria.

Elisabeth and her family are so traumatized and unused to open spaces or daylight that doctors have placed a cargo container outside their accommodation to allow them to withdraw into a confined space if they need to. Leopold Etz, one of the police officers who freed Stefan and Felix from the bunker, said he was staggered to see the reactions of the children as they tried to adapt to their new surroundings, which they had previously only seen on television.

The Cellar 3DHe added that the boys thought they were in heaven when they emerged, having been told by their mother that “heaven is up there”. Felix has been described as the livelier of the boys, but is also reluctant to leave his mother’s side. He was said to have clapped his hands with joy when he saw a cow in a field and is fascinated by the sun and the moon. Stefan and Felix used animal-like language to communicate, they speak with growls and coos making it difficult for people to understand them fully.

Do take a moment of your time to do what you do, pray, meditate, think positively for the future of this family. After years of going through such torture and hardship’s they have been set free and are trying to cope with a normal life. They will need extensive psychiatric therapy and a lot of support from everyone.

A special thanks to the Red Monkey who made me aware of this case.

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