Creative Optical Illusions VIII

Hello readers, hope you are having a good day and not letting the morbid fear of Friday the 13th bog you down. All set for the weekend? So I bring you again for the eighth time some phenomenal optical illusions, am sure you will love it. Come on, take a break from your work for few minutes and enjoy these illusions.

Let me start with the best illusion of the day. A Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita has this unconventional and innovative way of making illusionary images. She uses the most simple things like letters of the alphabet, children’s playing blocks and shoeprints, and places it in such a way that their shadow forms amazing lifelike figure of the human body. Of course the lighting also plays an important role in forming a human body or face. Check it out!
Artwork of Kumi YamashitaA closer look shows that the alphabet blocks have been carefully arranged in a way that each casts a particular shadow which, when taken with all the other precisely placed objects and lit from the right, cast a silhouette of a woman.Optical illusion of Japanese artistIsn’t that incredible? Here’s another example of her creativity. Origami illusion. Origami Illusion Japanese artistEach color sheet on the wall, lit from the right, casts a silhouette of a profile.Origami Optical IllusionKumi Yamashita manages to challenge our perception on shadows of obscure objects. Wonderful artist.

A beautiful landscape, yes, but its tasty too! Look carefully at the image below -
Foodscapes by Carl WarnerThe pebbles and rocks are potatoes and soda bread, while the red sky at night and sea are entirely formed of strips of salmon, and the boat sailing in the water is actually green pea. Amazed? So was I, these are photographs of Carl Warner, who takes pictures of real food, everything used in the image is real food. He photographs each scene in layers from foreground to background and then builds it into a foodscape.

The road is paved with cumin, peas hang from broccoli trees and cauliflower clouds adorn the sky with bread for mountains. Still landscape made from foodWow, I am hungry now. Carl Warner has taken some painstakingly good image. Each scene is photographed in separate layers to prevent the food from wilting, this one has fruits and vegetables.
Carl Warner foodscapeHere’s a cheesy villa to get your mouth-watering. Edible ingredients in this Italian-inspired rural scene include a lasagna cart, fields of pasta, a pine nut wall, mozzarella clouds, trees of peppers and chillies and a parmesan village
Pasta cheese village I hope you liked this short collection of crazy, rather creative illusions! Have a lovely weekend!


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