Kris Kuksi’s Antic Art

Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi

Art that is thought-provoking, mind-boggling and in short will blow you away. What we have here is the artwork of Kris Kuksi, whose work is morbid but at the same time meaningful. Through his work he shares his thoughts on psychological issues, religious ideology, and aesthetics.

It seems like work within work, you can easily lose yourself in it. The way the artist thinks of creating such pieces speaks a lot about a human beings’ potential. He is obsessed with exposing the illusions we created as a result of fear in our minds. Take a look, it will surely take you on a different journey.

The one below is called ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’. Its very intricately done. There is so much of detailing, that you wonder what’s going on in Kuksi’s mind. Seven deadly sins by Kris Kuksi Details of the Deadly Sins He draws inspiration from nature, symmetry, anatomy and designs of living and non-living forms as well as architecture such as Baroque and Gothic structures. According to Kuksi, his art represents the aggression that he has within him, his feelings about society, relationships, religion, politics, etc. Kris Kuksi's workThis collection is rightly called “The Grotesque”. Are you getting goosebumps yet? Artwork of Kris KuksiHow does he create such masterpieces? He uses acrylic while painting, with a systematic process of thin layer applications. Sculpture is done the same way, with different materials, which are pre-fabricated, injection-molded, press-molded, mass-produced, kitschy, weird stuff brought together in a very articulate way. Art of grotesque Kuksi aptly puts it, “Hell as described in the bible is just like what exists in the world today, the human mind creates this world and humans are what keep it a reality. If we could see that all suffering is because of the bad beliefs and prejudices in our minds, the world would be different. Maybe I am here in this world to depict these feelings through my art.” Bizarre paintingsHere’s a closer look into the detailing of the sculpture. Closer look at the painting The New DivinityKuksi’s artwork is amazing, he challenges the very belief and norms of the society we live in. Kris Kuksi's Grotesque

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p.a.turner says:

I don't believe I've ever seen anything quite like this. It is simply amazing! I would love to know more about his technique, how he goes about constructing these marvelous arrangements of thought and form.