Shadow Optical Illusions IX

In Optical Illusion VIII Bhavika ran you through illusions created with light on objects, it was extremly beautiful. Today I have some more of these illusions created by shadows that are if not equally, are much more fascinating. Lets begin with Shigeo Fukuda’s Lunch with a Helmut On.

This shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of 848 pieces of welded forks, knives, and spoons. Fukuda wanted to create a three-dimensional object in which the shadow, as opposed to the actual form, represented the actual object. Fukuda was to remark that it is extremely difficult to create a three-dimensional object in this fashion that allows light to evenly penetrate in this fashion.

Tim Noble (born 1966) and Sue Webster (born 1967) are artists based in England. They live and work together in Shoreditch, East London. Some of their notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish collected from London streets.

Dirty White Trash [With Gulls]

Dirty White Trash with Gulls

A light is projected against the pile, and the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image, typically one of the couple themselves: this is not at all apparent from looking directly at the pile.

Real Life is Rubbish

Real Life is Rubbish

Real Life is Rubbish

Their work was included in the exhibition Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art at the Royal Academy in 2000, as well as the opening show of the Saatchi Gallery in County Hall.


He She

He She SculptureThanks to Panther House for the images.

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