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Angelo Invernizzi’s Rotating House

Villa Girasole NeteranceIn the early 1935 Angelo Invernizzi an engineer from Genoa along with three other people a mechanical engineer Romolo Carapacchi, an interior decoratot Fausto Saccorotti and an architect Ettore Fagiuoli collaborated to create the magnificent villa Girasole.

Girasole means sunflower, just like how the sunflower traces the movement of the sun, the villa does exactly that, it rotates so that the front of the house is always facing the sun. This makes sure theres always sun in the house and certain portions are always in the shadows.

The Blueprint of Villa GirasoleNow imagine the amount of power you would need to move a 1,500 ton house? A motor to move that house would need to have an insane amount of power, but not really these guys managed to get the house to rotate with two diesel motors that churn out a total of three horsepower, that’s insane.The house was featured in a Surrealism and architecture By Thomas Mical and in Villa Girasole: la casa rotante where they state, a revolving house is challenge to gravity, weight and statics and to the very idea of rootedness and without risk there could have been no possibility of success

The sunflower villa is two storied and L shaped. It rests on a circular base that is over 44 meters in diameter. In the middle there is a 42 meters tall turret, a sort of conning tower or lighthouse, which the rotating movement hinges on.

Villa Girasole in Italy, the Sunflower HouseThe motor pushes the house over three circular tracks where 15 trolleys can slide the 5,000 cubic meters building at a speed of 4 millimeters per second and it takes 9 hours and 20 minutes to rotate fully.

I came across the rotating house on Treehugger but the funny part is there is nothing environmentally friendly about the house, it actually uses diesel to rotate, it would make much more sense if the diesel power is replaced by solar power.

Since the house faces the sun all the time, solar panels on the roof of the house would enable it to provided enough energy to sustain and store energy for the nights. All said and done, its pretty cool to stay in a revolving house, sure would make me feel like I am part of the universe.

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