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Edward Hill’s Photospheres, A Magical View

While taking a photograph we click only whats in front of us, but London-based photographer Edward Hill had different ideas.

He created circular photomontages of a place, that contains everything visible to a person, a total 360 degree view of a place. These are called Photospheres, which gives a new perspective on photography.

Its like you are in the center and your head moves 360 degrees, capturing everything which is around you, like a panoramic view. Hill has produced some really eye-catching and intriguing images.

Photospheres are made of around 100 individual images shot from the same spot and digitally stitched to form a striking image. Photosphere of Cabot Square by Edward Hill Hill took ten years to assemble some of his compilations, because he had to paint and draw it all together until digital photography came to his rescue. These images have been shot at various spots in London and Venice. Photomontage of West India quay bridge If you see the angles in some of the photospheres are vary. With some the viewer is looking up to the sky, while others the viewer hangs suspended above. The one below is up photosphere, where you looking towards the sky, shot in Campo, Venice. Venice Campo by Edward Hill The picture below is down photosphere, I was confused whether it was up or down for a bit, but here the person would be looking downwards. Campiello Barbaro, Venice looks like a miniature city. Photosphere of Venice Campiello These photographs are baffling, but at the same time it gives a different look to the city. Edward Hill Photosphere in Venice Arsenale

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