The Ugly Side of the Indian Army

Manipuri women protest against Indian army When we come across rape and molestation cases in newspapers, it so often gets ignored or overlooked because we take it as daily occurrence in our society.

Rarely do we spare few moments to think about the trauma or the despair the victim is going through.

Sometimes people involved in these acts of crime are the ones who are supposed to protect us and not destroy us. I am talking about the Indian Army who have committed such spineless deeds that can leave you disgusted.

Indian army troopers have been raping women and kids in Kashmir for a long time, they have used rape and molestation as a weapon to humiliate the locals during their cordon and search operations. Imagine a woman goes to the police station or military camps to inquire about her loved ones and she runs the risk of getting raped.

This ruthless crime has been happening for over a decade by the Indian Army, and most of these cases go unreported, or even if they are reported, the government puts it under the carpet. Kashmiri women are raped and molested by the Indian army

On 26 Jun 2007 Major Joginder Singh and Naik Dalgit Singh of 57 Rashtriya Rifles tried to rape a 17-year old girl in Pati Kunan village in Bandipora District pretending to be ‘militants’.

On 5 July 2007, an Indian Army soldier, Sepoy Ranjeet Singh, 24 Rashtriya Rifles tried to rape a 23-year old girl student in Kangan village of Ganderbal District.

When the locals tried to rescue the girl, he at first opened fire at his pursuers, killing one and injuring two, before turning the gun on himself.

Kunaan Poshpara in Kupwara, near the border, is known throughout Kashmir as the ‘raped village’ after the heinous incident where 30 women were raped in 1991 by soldiers. No marriages have taken place there since then, due to the social stigma even the victims are reluctant to come forward and talk about it. To make things worse, their families also desert them.

The accused have gone scot-free. There are reports that till date only two or three rape cases have been concluded so far. In the remaining cases, the investigations are still in process or terminated. A young Kashmiri woman Figures were hard to get because no one is bothered to document the number of cases, but according to one portal nearly 500 women were raped in various parts of Jammu and Kashmir between 1990-94.

According to Kashmir Media Service, 9,849 women have been gang-raped and molested from January 1989 to December 2008.

Its not only Kashmir where women are silent sufferers due to the Indian army’s atrocities, but in North-east too women are raped and molested in the name of curbing terrorism. A striking example is of Thangiam Manorama, who was raped and murdered in Manipur by the soldiers of the paramilitary Assam Rifles in 2004.

That led to huge uproar in Manipur with elderly women stripped naked in protest and waved banners that said, ‘Indian Army take our flesh’, ‘Indian Army Rape us’. Sadly, nothing has been done to punish these soldiers.

Its such a shame that people responsible for committing this crime are not only tarnishing the image of the country but also committing such spineless acts in the name of protecting the country.

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The republic of apathy

How India lost the Kashmiris?

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  1. Pradyumn Tewari - April 25, 2010, 8:40 am Reply

    Well I am not supporting Army in this heinous crime.

    But regarding 1991 incident.
    There is no solid proof that Rajputana Rifles Jawan were involved in the incident.

    There is a possibility that it was a plot to defame the Indian Army.

    Even govt enquiries haven't cleared the air.

    If there is even a pinch of reality in the incident may the culprits burn in hell till eternity..

  2. Fractal Enlightenment » Kashmir, where are you Now? : Part 1 - July 21, 2010, 12:04 pm Reply

    […] have also written about the sexual molestation of woman by the Indian army. Here is the firs part of a documentary called Kashmir – The […]

  3. Farooq khan - January 27, 2011, 10:15 am Reply

    Its shame full act what we don’t expect from our army, any way if they rape that innocent women or girls, some one will definitely rape their wives, sisters, mothers,if not surely to daughters. and its nearly going to happen.

  4. Hakeem - September 8, 2011, 6:00 pm Reply

    Well, I’m surprised that still people believe that there are rape plots to defame Indian army. Only in India people don’t know the rapes that are taking place in Kashmir with the benediction of the army chief.

    Rape is a strategy put in place in Indian occupied Kashmir to control the muslim population there. By raping muslim women, they know they will not marry and then will have no kids. Then the overall muslim population in occupied Kashmir will slowly decrease.

    But only in India do we turn a blind eye to rape. Well that’s how the world is and arab-style uprising will slowly but surely come.

    • Prashant - November 20, 2011, 3:41 pm Reply

      yes…the Arab style is the best one…brutal punishments, hanging up or cutting private parts….which the best punishment for brutal crime of Rape…but our country and government don’t seem to understand the seriousness of the crime…..

    • akash - June 11, 2012, 1:12 am Reply

      ua thinking is too cheap hakeem..!! bze of people like u al discrimination happens..!first try to change ua thinking..!!!

    • Prem Raj - June 16, 2012, 11:18 pm Reply

      Dear Hakeem,

      You make me laugh brother !!! Well rape plots to defame Indian army are very well possible !!! Do you think that the enemies including the “Muslim Terrorists” (like Al-Quaida or whatever the name) who do bomb blasts inside Muslim Mosques in side their own country and in public places in India which is a country having more Muslims than Pakistan which is being mentioned because Al-Quaida originates from fools who ruin Pakistan’s reputation in this world. Well These Terrorist groups INCLUDES Hindu Terrorists as well. Don’t any of you even start to think that I am against Muslims or Pakistan. I am a HINDU name is Prem Raj, I am a Proud Indian. I love Pakistan.. They are OUR Brothers. (I also Love my Love.. Her Name is Naina. She is Shockingly from Abbotabad, yes yes the very place where Bin-Laden was killed !!! in Pakistan. I’m even going to get Converted to a Muslim to Marry Her BUT) Terrorists are Terrorists !!! They do NOT Belong to any country or religion. They are NOT Human at heart. They can do rape plots to defame Indian army. This is POSSIBLE.

      Now to speak of Brother Hakeem’s next Foolish stuff.. “rapes that are taking place in Kashmir with the benediction of the army chief” !!! Dear Brother I am going to KICK You for this !!! Just joking. Well to talk seriously: Mr. X can claim that Hakeem RAPED Hakeem’s MOTHER !!! Can Mr. X prove it ??? NO !!! So show us Proof before talking like an IDIOT !!!

      Now here comes the Best Joke I have EVER HEARD IN MY WHOLE LIFE !!!! Brother Hakeem says “Rape is a strategy put in place in Indian occupied Kashmir to control the muslim population there. By raping muslim women, they know they will not marry and then will have no kids. Then the overall muslim population in occupied Kashmir will slowly decrease.” !!!! Your definition to Rape is horrible !! I thought that “Rape was a man (or woman) sexually abusing a woman (or man) without her (or his) permission irrespective of him being successful or not.” Now If you think that Rape is a strategy to control Muslim population !!! I do not support that view. (Rape victims need not necessarily get married to have kids !!! The very process of rape will give her kids unless the rapist has sexual deformities. This might sound funny but I am sad and not joking. I have 2 sisters and can understand what Hakeem feels but would killing not be a better option to reduce the population? In this way the rapists himself would not be increasing the population so to speak.) I have questions against Hakeem’s view.. such as. IS IT even Remotely possible that if such a strategy has been put in place in Indian occupied Kashmir and IF the army chief is also involved as you claim then What are the chances that the strategy will leak ??? I would not consider the Indian Government and the Army Chief as a bunch of Fools !!! If they make such a strategy.. they will make DAM SURE Brother that the strategy is a secret and REMAINS such.. Well my next question is WHY ON EARTH DO the Indian occupied Kashmir.. Hey !!! What the Hell are You Calling Indian occupied Kashmir !!!! Kashmir is OURS and IT WILL BE DO YOU UNDERSTAND. Indian Occupied Kashmir BULL SHIT !!! Kashmir that is Sufficient.. and KASHMIR IS INDIAN. The ONLY OCCUPIED KASHMIR THAT EXISTS IS “PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR” and IF RAPES OCCUR OVER THERE “NO ONE” is going to Know Because Majority of Our Pakistani Brothers UNFORTUNATELY consider us Indians as worthless Enemies because 90% of our Indian population consist of Hindus !!! My Girlfriends Father Claims that I have to be Muslim to Go to Heaven !!! Islam teaches him that. Hinduism Taught me that I have to be a good human being to go to heaven !! and I am going to be a good human being by converting into a Muslim in order to make my father happy (my biological father is dead, I am talking about my lover’s father, her father is emotionally mine). I waaaant All Hindus to UNDERSTAND that our religion preaches love and that is why foreigners had the task of giving our religion a Name. Which other religion on earth thought it necessary NOT TO name itself ?? Naming a religion is a dangerous thing. It goes against the very purpose of the religion. Religion exists to Unite people. Naming a religion divides people into believers and non-believers. Love then will stop and hate will take over. Every Muslim has the Responsibility to understand that Their Religion preaches Love and Unity of Human beings !!! NOT MUSLIMS Alone !! What Quran Means by Muslims are Not Muslims by religion.. Quran speaks of Good Human beings as Muslims.. and that includes Human beings Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhiji, and Billions of unknown individuals who belong to different religions on paper !!! Stop being FOOLS Dear Muslim Darlings !!! Don’t even start to think that You are saving Islam by supporting terrorists who bring nothing but INSULT to the Ideologies of Quran when they kill helpless victims. Indian army and Indian Government are capable of killing and hiding their crime IF they wanted to. So I do NOT SEE ANY FACT in Hakeem’s claim that the Kashmiri government and Indian Army have to rape in order to decrease Muslim, Christian, Hindu, population. Rape is just a outbreak of sexual feelings of a man who is either mentally unstable or a man who thinks he can get away with it. (The fact that a soldier is forced to stay away from his beautiful wife for months during his young age adds to the problem.)

      I too want those Rapists.. who ever they are.. soldiers or terrorists.. to be punished with public assassination. But Dear Brother Hakeem Hindu, Christian and other Indian sisters have been raped by Indian army men (Let us for the time being talk only about our Indian army ok). Dear Brother Hakeem Hindu, Christian and other Indian sisters have been raped by Indian army men Even if you do not do nothing about it I don’t mind, but please don’t forget to recognize that they are Our Sisters too and show the guts to include them as victims !! The only thing that I Support my Brother Hakeem in is that Yes Dear Brother Hakeem I understand Your Feelings for Our Helpless Muslim Sisters who HAVE Been Raped.. and my support is NOT for the sympathy feeling going exclusively to My Muslim sisters from my Muslim Brother. I will NOT TOLERATE My Sisters Being Raped Be them of ANY Religion or other Such Foolish Division created by man. My Support is for the fact that The Arab Style of punishment IS THE BEST. JAI HINDUSTAN. Pakistan Zindhabad. Love Each others IDIOTS You are Brothers !!!

  5. Prashant - November 20, 2011, 1:38 am Reply

    Even i felt shocked reading this….this is the common but serious issue in Iraq and Iran after the war stated last decade…and now this happening all over the world….these rapes are not done just for enjoyment or out of excitement but because of mental stress on soldiers…urge to have sex…and because they are away from their homes, their needs or better we say urge is not satisfied and so the outcome of in front of us…surely this is not at all acceptable at any level, but even its the situation that should be blamed….and because of this high level of stress, the soldiers are even killing themselves….
    Indian army is respected at all times and we should be proud of our soldiers that they are fighting for us, our safety and rescuing their life for us…but this is very bad thing happening and a bunch of soldiers is making our whole army disrespected and blamed.
    This is just a my point of view and i don’t mean to blame any single person for this…but just want to share one more view of this situation.

  6. Johnny Storm - February 22, 2012, 7:53 pm Reply

    Every place where terrorists try to make a base, the first thing they do is defame the army and police so that no action could be taken against them while they continue to rape humanity.
    Where are the articles about terrorists killing policemen and army men ?

    Where are the articles about wives of army men ? Since they won’t generate much buzz, these REAL stories take a backseat to fictional accounts with no base about policemen and army men raising havoc.

    Sadly, some nerds who never actually have been to places like Kashmir believe these things they read on internet.

  7. Profile photo of bhacly

    bhacly - February 23, 2012, 8:53 pm Reply

    @Johnny Storm

    If you could place some facts on the table, it would be lovely to debate. Firstly I would like to know what exactly is your definition of a terrorist. Nice to have a conversation, please feel free to express your views without prejudices :)

    I’m sure its tough for army wives who loose their husbands, I can imagine their pain, but it was a choice they made when they married someone who choose a high risk job. Sad but true, although the women in the article din’t sign up for what happened to them. :(

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