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India, Where are We Heading?

India and IsraelHello friends, especially if you belong to this part of the subcontinent and here in India. In the news we had heard of the center launching a spy satellite built by Israel, we heard of a major amount of weapons sourced and defense deals with Israel.

A Muslim friend of mine, who observes Ramzan feels that its not a problem if the country trades billions of rupees for weapons with a country that ripped apart the whole of Palestine.

We all wished and hope for change when Obama came into place, while some were quick to say that Obama was a hoax as soon as he was voted president the bombings on the Afghanistan Pakistan border was stepped up.

Like Iraq, Afghanistan has oil, as stated by US sources it ranks 53rd in the world but estimated to be much more. But thats not the only thing, there is a very lucrative poppy trade that amasses huge amounts of revenue.

Today Obama speaks to India stating, we are a superpower, we need to go to war in Afghanistan, but prior to this a devious plot has taken place, the Mumbai Terror Attacks.911 Controlled DemolitionIf by now you have researched into the 9/11 incident, perhaps this list on 911 Conspiracy Theories on wikipedia could help you get a kick start. If the chances that the 9/11 attack was used to shape the American people to go to war, then the Mumbai Terror attacks have been used to shape us to go to war.

If you remember, just after the Mumbai Attacks, we were angry and agitated, ready to lash out at Pakistan, Afghanistan whoever it was who brought our beloved city down, here’s a video of the Gateway of India Protest.

Why is India being urged to go into the war zone, why should our soldiers die, why should our tax money spent on the rich getting richer. Do not forget that the evidence documents and related stuff from the Mumbai Attacks were provided by the FBI, USA once again. Are we being fooled on a level that is unbelievable?

Is this just a conspiracy theory or are they dots that we need to connect. I don’t have all the answers but something here does’nt seem to be heading in the right direction. We have over 40% of the people in our country under the poverty line, what kind of a superpower are we?

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Multidimensional spiritual being and founder of Fractal Enlightenment having a human experience and trying to improve it. One of the main purpose of why we started FractalEnlightenment, im a torch bearer, trying to shine the light in dark places. Thank you for gracing me with your presence, In Lak'ech Ala K'in! (I am another you)

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