Floral Delights at your Feet

shoe from flower michel tcherevkoff There is no limit to a person’s creativity. Many times just a thought or an idea is transformed into something beautiful.

Just like in the case of the French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff who has made the most unusual work by creating shoes out of plants. Its amazing to see how delicately the whole thing is made, which also depends on the kind of plant he uses.

This idea took shape when he saw a photograph of a leaf lying upside down and Michel thought that it looked like a shoe and after that he started his inventive creation.

Michel started to shot flowers and stems, twisting, knotting, weaving and tying them to bring floral delights to heel. These photos are then manipulated in Adobe Photoshop to give them the proper footwear shape. Michel tcherevkoff creation, white lily shoe His work is meticulously done and he uses single variety of flower or plant. Michel says, “I’ll take a leaf, make it into a sole, bend it to make a heel or a strap, then shoot it. Each plant spoke to me in a different voice. One was very light and delicate, so the strap had to be thin. Another one said, ‘I am big and strong — I could walk for miles.’ From that I designed a more rugged shoe.” process of making shoes from plants Divine and satana, Shoe fleur Michel has quite wonderfully blended the medium of photography and digital art. He has also written a book on it called Shoe Fleur: a footwear fantasy. Shoes made from flowers Who would mind walking with flowers at their feet? Shoe fluer by Michel Tcherevkoff

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