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Sustainability for a Futurist : Introduction

After the Untold Truth Series from Aliston, we now have a series of posts on Sustainability for a Futurist. This post shall enlighten you on what the topic means, and will also cover a variety of topics such as Agriculture, Technology, Health etc.

sustainabilityThe article summarizes two years of research into the dominant patterns of our times and proposes alternatives to lead a simpler and more efficient life that is less straining on our environment. To achieve this, many areas of our existence need to be covered, and so detail is not possible.

This is therefore a heavily compressed ‘meal’ for the intellectually ‘hungry’. For me this is more of reaching out to find other information addicts like me, and with the information overload it may prove to be a catalyst for others.

If you’re expecting this to be just another eco-freak’s rantings based on some impractical fantasy, its not, because all the opinions are based on information that is well-established and supported by tons of crucial evidence but all of it is intentionally blacked out from the mainstream by our ‘keepers’??

Our keepers are the most powerful people on planet earth and have used the ‘divide and rule’ policy to undermine the power of the people, maybe even since history began.

Today, even though they own a vast amount of the world’s wealth and resources, they do not appear on Forbes 500 or any other economic list because their wealth is not even allowed to be looked at. But a Google search into the family names reveal royal lineages and secret brotherhoods that stretch over hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

They use all their power primarily to program the flow of information that reaches the public consciousness through education, TV and media and this allows them to control the health, technology and banking systems and eventually even governments and this is why they are still the richest in the world. Read about Agenda 21, Climate-gate and Codex Alimentarius to better understand their latest policies. However, the black Magi’s magick works only on those who do not understand the ways of magick and so clueless ‘sheep’ become the black Magi’s perfect victims.

Many of the sciences that form a major part of our existence are interwoven in the article to provide some ease in understanding. Again, these are my thoughts and opinions based on the information that has caught enough of my attention to make it into the article so feel free to poke fun.

You should Google every term that arouses interest in every section of the article and make your own opinions instead of killing the messenger.

In the next post on Sustainability for a Futurist, we shall cover the field of technology that will provide a lot of interesting points, to feed your mind.

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Aliston Texeira, B.E (Mech.) - Cosmick Receiver, Researcher & Transmitter. An androgynous/anarchist/occult/eco hybrid trained in the sciences operating as a focal point for a dispersed underground group of subversives who feel restricted by societal concerns.

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