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In continuation to Aliston’s Sustainability for a Futurist : Technology, he covers health, alternative medicines, ancient techniques now forgotten and a technique that cured 98% of fatal cancers.

alternative medicine systems

Alternative medicine systems

The modern medical system, also rooted in the materialist paradigm, analyses symptoms and then suppresses it with synthetic chemicals but it does little to determine the root cause and suggest preventative measures in the first place. The drugs usually have a whole bunch of side effects.

They are synthetic so usually use up nutrients in helping the body deal with the elimination of a non natural substance and this ties up the absorption of other nutrients. All this at a time when the body is least capable of coping with it. According to Sir William Osler, when drugs are used the body has to recover twice, once from the disease and then from the medication.

The primary method followed by all civilizations for optimum health is nutrition. Naturotherapy is a modern practice that uses diets based on the body’s daily requirement of nutrients to keep all diseases at bay.

There are 3 main principles:

1) All forms of disease are due to the same cause, accumulation of toxicity in the body because of improper functioning of elimination organs. Organs fail because of improper nutrition.

2) All acute diseases such as fevers, colds, inflammation, digestive disturbances & skin problems are self initiated by the body to eliminate waste or toxins and all chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, organ disorders are the result of long term continued suppression of acute diseases with drugs, vaccines, narcotics & gland extracts.

3) The body contains an unbelievably complex & elaborate healing mechanism built into it that has more than enough power to return the body into its natural state if it is provided the right tools and self-discipline to help trigger it.

alternative medicine

Alternative medicine

Along with nutrition, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga or any of the synchronous breathing techniques of the east can be used to greatly speed up the process. They are all based on controlled oxygen starvation & enrichment to all parts of the body.

Another form of healing that has roots stretching back to at least 35,000 years is known as energy medicine and may have even been used since the start of the the human race. This form of medicine is practiced usually by shamans or medicine men. The practitioner uses various herbs to stimulate a relevant region in the body and then induces a deep trance state to energetically remove the disease from the body. Success depends on the belief of the practitioner and patient which is heightened by drama or ritual. (A very interesting read from the author of Black Smoke, who was healed of Breast cancer in the Amazonian forest by a Shaman who used Ayahuasca). The patient is usually provided instant relief after which a diet is maintained to ensure complete recovery and prevention. This method has far higher success rates, a longer history and more widespread use than any other method and it works with any disease.

multiwave oscillator

Multiwave oscillator

There are simpler techniques for ensuring health in our present urban environments of nonstop toxicity. Oxygen(Ozone) therapy, Colloidal silver & Radionics(psionics)are interesting alternative medicines that you should be aware of.

The Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator deserves mentioning, Georges Lakhovsky had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period while today we celebrate a 50% five-year survival rate.

All of these techniques work better than any drug can ever accomplish.

In the next chapter on Sustainability for a Futurist, we shall take a look at origins of man and evolution.

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Joseph Max says:

Hello, and thanks for the link to my Radionics blog!

The article linked to above is kind of specific (about using symbolic radionics machines) but there are lots of links available on the subject.

The Radionics Association of the UK is a good place to get basic information:

Aliston says:

Of course the medical est. calls most alternative medicine quakery and pseudo science although there are such types …or are there??? considering that its now been shown that placebo’s work more than 50% of the time (Dr.bruce lipton)…i attribute the skepticism to what some people call observer – observed mentality i.e what the thinker thinks ,the prover proves. with so much doubt going into the research what do you expect them to prove …that the’re doubts are true right?…and thats exactly what the’re proving…its the reason why sciences like radionics upon which lakhovsky’s MWO is partially based upon are today considered as absolute nonsense…even though quantum mechanics has been proving the same principles as true in another branch of science…which brings me back to a previous post….the jack of all one…