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I’ve always found it so difficult to write about myself. Of course each one of us has a story to tell, but we are such complex beings that a couple of words or paragraphs doesn’t do justice to our true potential. Nevertheless, I am going to give it a shot.

We are all here for a higher purpose, which is bigger than any individual. This was something which I realized gradually over the years since FE was born in 2006 (yes, we’ve been around that long). 🙂

Let’s rewind a bit – I was a journalist by profession, an aspiring sports reporter (that’s why I took up journalism), ever ready to travel and explore, switched a couple of jobs in my attempt to find the ‘perfect’ more ‘fulfilling’ job and some where in that mess, Fractal Enlightenment happened.

Initially, FE was a blog where I penned down my travel sojourns, and I loved writing about my trips or a fascinating topic that touched my heart. My journey took a deeper meaning when I quit that 9-5 job and joined Clyde (now my husband) to take it further.

It has been a mind-expanding, more like mind twisting journey, because writing for FE also helped me mold a path for myself, like an account of my own becoming as a person – spiritually and emotionally. I look after all the content that goes up on the site and social media platforms. In my free time I love doing yoga, gardening, reading, spending time by myself (great way to introspect) and soaking into the beauty of nature. This path has brought us all together, and I am grateful for that.

Thank you for reading this and for all the love and support! You can find me on,Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

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Meghana Bahar
4 months 13 days ago

Thank you for all that you do, for enlightening minds and for opening up hearts <3

Avanti Nadkarni Mavinkurvé
8 months 2 days ago

Bhavika ~ thank you for all the wonderful knowledge that you share.

Margaret Juzwa
8 months 2 days ago

thank you for your web site

Sourav Ghosh
8 months 2 days ago

I am following You Facebook Page posts for quite sometimes, but didn’t know your story! Kudos Bhavika! Looking forward to interact and exchange thoughts!

Bonnie Kay
8 months 2 days ago

I am so glad I found your site. Thank you for what you do. This is wonderful.