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About Clyde

clyde_fernandes_fractal_enlightenmentWay back in 2006 during the peak time of my psychedelic experiments, Fractal Enlightenment was born due to the massive changes that were occurring within me.

Although I have gained much from the insights, my experiences also pushed me to the edge of sanity and years after stopping my substance intake my mind seemed overclocked. It was when I had my second Ayahuasca session that I have found the peace I lost on this journey.

I have a bond with Nature that has stayed with me since I can remember, taking care of injured birds, dogs and getting home en number of animals. We currently have two rescued dogs who have been with us for years.

We also grow a lot of our food and try to live a life with simplicity, we all have our desires though and I’m nothing but human. I also run a blog that would give Vegans a nightmare, its about Goan Food, Goa is a beautiful state in India where I’m originally from.

Today I’m mostly the guy who responds to you on our social media platforms, when I’m not doing the stuff I mentioned, I’m tweaking websites & computers, taking pictures, reading, listening to music, chilling with family and cycling.

I can’t seem to practice yoga and meditate as a routine but definitely end up doing it a couple of times a month. If you need to know something let me know 🙂

You can find me on, Facebook, Twitter and Google +

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