About Clyde

Hey all, I’m Clyde, down to earth and enjoy the simplicity that life has to offer. I started Fractal Enlightenment in 2006, perhaps the most transforming period of my life.

The transformation was due to pinches of psychedelia that awakened the dormant me, from there on an inward growth took place due to the relentless exposure to the inner self.

The search had finally ended, for the first time I had broken free from the false barriers put up via parental, society and other conditionings, I was overcome by a deeper understanding of existence. From that day the path that I have been walking down has been of peace, love and joy.

Fractal Enlightenment contains extracts from this journey in a bid to help tilt the consciousness of all beings towards the light that guides our souls.


Profile photo of SylviaL SylviaL says:

I had that same journey and I found such a big part of my inner world in this blog. Namaste and thank you for the lovely thoughts I get here every day!