Developing the Inner Self with Kalaripayattu – the Ancient Indian Martial Arts

Developing the Inner Self with Kalaripayattu – the Ancient Indian Martial Arts

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. – Buddha Kalaripayattu is a form of martial art that is native to the state of Kerala in Southern India. Originating way back in 1,000 B.C, it is believed to be one of the oldest methods of Asian martial arts, and is the basis for many martial arts practices in Asia and around the world including Kung F... »

Yin Yang symbol of Taoist philosophy

Yin Yang, a Symbol of Balance and Harmony

Yin-Yang is a deeply rooted concept in Taoist philosophy, representing the constant state of change or duality in the universe forming a whole. It describes how opposite forces are interconnected and mutually dependent in the natural world; and, harmony is only achieved when the two forces combined, are in balance. Any phenomenon within nature can be understood in relation to another; one will alw... »


Righting the Plane 101

“We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone is arguing over where they’re going to sit” – David Suzuki Imagine Western culture is a crashing airplane. We are all on this plane, and the oxygen masks have just been released. What do you do first? Do you put the mask on your daughter, your son, your husband or wife, the autistic kid in seat 888F? No! You put the mask o... »

yanomami yopo

Yopo: the Ancient Amazonian DMT Snuff

Yopo is a visionary snuff used by various tribes in South America for over 4000 years! Nowadays, it’s mostly used by the tribes in the Amazonian Jungle – Yanomami and the Piaroa – who have managed to fend off the influence of the western world, for their spiritual and healing purpose. Even to this day, they continue to hear the wisdom of the jungle in the form of Yopo snuff. The base o... »


Magic Mushrooms: A Catalyst for Human Evolution

It was a glorious morning in late August when me and my friends went mushroom hunting in the meadows in the outskirts of my place in Mexico. We searched in the patches of tall grass left uneaten by the cows that looked at us uninterested while ruminating. Hidden inside these tall patches of grass, there were large bodies of cow dung. Mushrooms feed on cellulose, that is why they grow there. Cellul... »

hofmann bicycle day

LSD & Its Usage in Human Life and Evolution

The funny part about LSD is that Albert Hofmann, the scientist who discovered it, claims that LSD discovered him. Although post the discovery of LSD, with the mass usage of LSD in the psychedelic sixties he started to believe it was actually a problem, what he called his “problem child.” But years later his problem child turned into a wonder drug and in his own words. “I think that in ... »

Pirahã, the Amazonian tribe in Brazil

Pirahã, an Indigenous Tribe Living in the Now

I recently heard of an indigenous tribe of the Brazilian Amazon, the Pirahã, and they instantly caught my attention. The Pirahãs have a very basic, virtually non-existent numeric system that is not really based on numbers, but uses words to describe quantity. When you have a tribe or civilization that doesn’t count, it becomes interesting, wouldn’t this automatically lead to a system o... »

ancient sumeria

Disclosing Knowledge from the Sumerian Tablets

Sumer is modern day Iraq, loosely translated Sumer stands for “land of the civilized kings” or “native land”. The Sumerians were highly evolved for their time and are known for starting the first civilization and building the first settlements worthy of being called cities. But apart from the ability to create cities the discovery of the 5,000 year old tablets with well det... »

Swastika is an equilateral cross with arms bent at right angles, all in the same direction, usually the right, or clockwise

Swastika – The Enigmatic Universal Symbol

Ancient symbols have a sense of mystery and awe wrapped around it – like the Swastika. The initial impression might revolve around its use by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party, which has stigmatized its use in the Western culture. But interestingly, Swastika has been a sacred symbol in various ancient civilizations around the world during different times for over 3000 years, representing life,... »

Kogi the Native American tribe

Kogis, Guardians of the Earth

“The earth is diseased, trees are drying…new illnesses will appear and there will be no cure or medicines for them. Younger brother is violating fundamental principles continually…drilling, mining, extracting petrol, minerals…that’s damaging the world. Tell them to open their eyes, we can no longer repair the world, you must,” warns the Kogis – the last surviving Native Ame... »

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