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Blue beetle

Nature’s Crusaders

We lived in a place where we would wake up to the call of a cuckoo or the Kingfisher announced its arrival every morning at the same time. Living in the midst of the nature gave us the opportunity to not only observe the different creatures but understand their behavioral patterns, growth cycles, their ways of communication, and even their favorite spots around the garden. It was a stimulating and... »

Common Indian Crow caterpillar

Before the Birth of a Butterfly…

Living in the midst of nature gives the opportunity to experience its divine beauty in various forms, and photography is the ideal way to capture that beauty. Today’s subject of awe are caterpillars, who undergo dramatic transformation from being tiny insects into beautiful butterflies or moths. We’ve found different types of caterpillars – one completely camouflaged with the pla... »

fractal design on a leaf

Amazing Fractals found in Nature

Fractals have always captivated me, the intricacy of the patterns which can be infinitely complex in nature and simple at the same time. Its like a fragment of an object that is self-similar to the whole, and when you realize that such fractal patterns or better known as, building blocks of God, are all around us, it will leave you amazed – clouds, trees, plants, mountain ranges, various veg... »

Bird-Watching in India

India is a perfect place to go bird-watching due to the diverse species of birds that reside here. If you are a nature lover, then read on, this post is for you. What better way to admire the gift of nature then to look at birds. Its never easy to photograph a bird, it has to be done in a jiffy and at the right moment, before they fly away. Bird photography is indeed very interesting, because you ... »

Colorful Pictures from Around the World

I’ve been quite stressed out lately due to various reasons, and always looking for something to help me change my mood. Luckily, today I saw something colorful like the image on the left, it managed to lighten me up. Colors are full of life, and around the world there are distinct mix of colors in different aspects of life which is unique to that country. Lets go on a world tour to see brigh... »

Scenic Beauty of Rural China, its Worth a Look

We watched a documentary recently called Wild China 1: Heart of the Dragon, there are around 6 to 7 parts to it. We will bring an update as soon as we watch all of them. The documentary showed a contrasting image of China, as China is generally in the news for all its misdeeds and human irghts issues. This time lets look at some beautiful parts of the country, the rural areas of China, concentrate... »

Edward Hill’s Photospheres, A Magical View

While taking a photograph we click only whats in front of us, but London-based photographer Edward Hill had different ideas. He created circular photomontages of a place, that contains everything visible to a person, a total 360 degree view of a place. These are called Photospheres, which gives a new perspective on photography. Its like you are in the center and your head moves 360 degrees, captur... »


Lightning Show in the Sky

Just last weekend we witnessed some maddening thunder and lightning on the outskirts of Mumbai. It was hair-raising stuff, as if the sky was going to explode. Heavy downpour was followed by lightning. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures, rather were too scared to take pictures in open fields.:) But that gave me the idea for this post, to see some amazing pictures of lightning and electri... »

Our Collection of Beautiful Sunset Pictures

Admiring the beauty of nature is something we both like to do. An important element of nature that conjures up vivid memory is the setting sun. Sunset is always a treat for the eyes, you only need to take some time to notice it. You see it from anywhere in the world, the clouds, skies and the setting sun combine to make a colorful show in the sky. I have made a small collection of some of the suns... »

Stunning Midnight Sunset in Norway

Norway, popularly known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, because the sun never really sets below the horizon from late May to late July in areas north of the Arctic Circle. While the rest of the country experiences up to 20 hours of daylight every day. I wonder how they sleep, from late November to late January, the sun never rises above the horizon in the north, and daylight hours are very short ... »