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Month: October 2012

Timewave theory king wen sequence hexagrams iching

McKenna and Braden’s Fractal Nature of Time

The repeating pattern of fractals form an important element of time and space; its the core of our existence. Different religions and cultures like Hinduism, Chinese, Buddhism, Hopi Indians, Mayans, Incas believe in the cyclical nature of time and the same belief has been advocated by renowned spiritualists. Like Terence McKenna – the American ethnobotanist, philosopher, psychonaut and shama... »

The Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Nature has the cure for every disease, we only need to be aware and open to accepting the cure. I came across a heart-rending story of a three-year old boy, Cashy Hyde, who successfully fought his second bout of Terminal cancer after his father, Mike Hyde, started giving him Cannabis oil without the knowledge of the doctors. Here are several cases of the astounding benefits of Medical marijuana in... »

David Spriggs Vision installation

David Spriggs’ Illusionary 3D Art

At first glance, ‘Red’, looks like a huge blob of red smoke rising from the ground, but a closer look and, the image transforms into 3D space where the colour is objectified. This is a unique technique developed by David Spriggs, a British-Canadian artist, to paint on multiple transparent sheets which are stacked together to create an illusionary experience. Each form he creates looks suspended in... »