Disa Art mbledhur nga dollap tim

meditation art

In phases on and off you come across beautiful things in life, you store them and keep them, beautiful paintings things that you like. Well throughout life I have collected certain images, some that reflect a phase or a moment.

Expression, Ndjenjat, emotions put into it that you can connect with at times with the artist and sometimes you outgrow it. Most of the times people send me art that they collect, recently I was trying to sort data on my hard disk and well, never managed to, but here is some stuff from my collection that I would like to share with you!

The one above is a very nice meditation picture and art piece, while the one below is called Alice, except its not really wonderland now, is it?
The one below used to be my desktop wallpaper for a long time, very interesting its named inward, the name speaks a lot of the frame of mind the person is. Looking in and becoming one with the cosmos.

The next one reflects my love for nature, its called caught in the web.

Music is the lesson, and the DJ is the teacher!


My favorite symbol of Om, not just the colorful matrix, but in this image the Om is made up of a lot of flora and fauna.

symbol aum art

A very interesting image, its not just a scribble, but sometimes you can see people in it.


The next one is perhaps David Icke’s explanation of evolution :)

eidmann_fred_mutant pattern

Did you know that one of the ghost’s name in pacman was Clyde :) Thats my name too and pacmans leashed.
psychedelic art

I am a great fan of Podcollective and respect these artists tremendously :) I have written about Alex Grey dhe Blog Larry Carlson-s both great, interesting to say the least. I do not remember these artists a few pics are watermarked so check them out if you like them you can enlarge them by clicking on them.

I hope you enjoyed these there are a few more that I have, though I am uncertain how many would enjoy them.

Na falënderoj me një pjesë, jo vetëm që ajo të na ndihmojë të rritet, duke ndarë njohuritë ju ndihmojë ndryshim vetëdijen planets. Thank you so much:


Profile photo of Clyde
Nga Clyde
Qenie shumëdimensionale shpirtërore dhe themelues i Fractal Iluminizmit që ka një përvojë njerëzore dhe duke u përpjekur për të përmirësuar atë. Një nga qëllimet kryesore se pse kemi filluar FractalEnlightenment, im nj, duke u p. Ju faleminderit p, N! (Un)

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