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Consumerism in America through Art

Our lives are ruled by greed and materialistic pursuits, with people showing high level of consumerist behaviour and to an extent that we have reached a state of denial about how our lifestyle is damaging the environment. US-based photographer and artist, Chris Jordan, through his photos shows the impact or rather the enormity of our actions that will leave you shocked in dismay. Jordan uses the m... »

US Army’s Plan to Entice Recruits

Its time to brainwash children since no one wants to join, says the US Army. The unpopular Iraq War and strong criticism of the US Army from around the world doesn’t stop them from opening their first Army Experience Center, which will not only recruit next generation soldiers but also entice youth to join the Army. With the number of people wanting to serve their country dwindling, the US A... »

America, the Real Terrorist?

Over the years America has waged war with countries, forcibly occupied territories and murdered millions of men, women and children. Dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, destroyed Vietnam’s ecosystem with Agent Orange, and has created such an atmosphere in Iraq that radiation levels have been compared to twenty five thousand bombs used in Nagasaki. As I take you on this journey through pain and s... »

Stepping Inside Iranian Propaganda

We have take a good look at American propaganda and how the country brainwashes its citizens into believing that they have given the rest of the world freedom by waging wars to liberate the country. Israel is another country that has not only its citizens but nearly the entire Christian population around the world brainwashed. Now lets take a look how Iran spreads its message of hate and propagand... »

Living Photography of Arthur Mole

Living Photography of Arthur Mole

U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick is known for his massive compositions of naked people posing in public settings all around the world. That’s modern day photography for you. If you turn back time then you can draw few similarities between the extraordinary mass photography of British-born Arthur Mole. His partner in this endeavor was John Thomas. During World War I, the two of them would go ... »

PSTD, War Trauma a Veterans Life

War causes trauma, not just to the millions of families affected by it, as you know its not just military units that bear the brunt but thousands of civilians as well. But the truth of war casts its evil shadow over the partakers who survive. The darkness of war traumas, scientifically known as Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or mor... »

The Lives of Tibetans in Exile

With the 2008 Olympic games hosted in China, Tibet seems to be the center of attraction, the Chinese have been occupying Tibet after the invasion in 1951 just how America invaded Iraq in 2003 and are still occupying it. The Chinese coincidentally also say the same as the Americans said about Iraq, that pre-liberation Tibet was a medieval, oppressive society consisting of landowners, serfs and slav... »

Most Americans are Brainwashed by Propaganda

Two months ago I came across a blog run by a couple of brainwashed American Soldiers, who propagate war and killing people. What I have understood from the fact of the matter is that the soldiers who are waging war actually think that they are peacekeepers. I do not know how brainwashed a person can be to actually think that killing people maintains peace. To initiate war not only do soldiers have... »

A Letter of Hope from Iraq

This is a follow-up on my earlier post on, an initiative which focuses on the critical issues facing the world today. One of which is the Iraq War. On May 3rd, US, Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian leaders will meet for the first time ever to debate Iraq’s future. Avaaz is launching a major advertising and text-message campaign inside Iraq this week to bring Iraqi voices to this decisive ... »

Minal Panchal Killed in Virginia Shootout

Missing Indian student, Minal Panchal has been declared dead. The 26-year old student, who had gone missing after the Virginia Tech shootout, was killed in the terrifying incident, which took life of 33 people. Minal, a Masters student in Building Sciences, was also in the Norris Hall when the shooting took place. She is the second Indian to be killed in this rampage, as G V Loganathan, an Indian ... »

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