Bird-Watching in India

India is a perfect place to go bird-watching due to the diverse species of birds that reside here. If you are a nature lover, then read on, this post is for you. What better way to admire the gift of nature then to look at birds. Its never easy to photograph a bird, it has to be done in a jiffy and at the right moment, before they fly away. Bird photography is indeed very interesting, because you ... »

In Mother Nature’s Womb


Praying Mantis Captures a Humming Bird!

I came across this story on Digg of a Praying Mantis, an insect, that to my surprise killed a Humming birds, ripped open its chest and ate its abdominal content. It was quite shocking for me, we do get to see Praying Mantis here in India but I have never seen one of a size that I could eat a Humming Bird. Read the Praying Mantis vs Humming Bird Story, reading the comments got me to an insect relat... »