Bird-Watching in India

India is a perfect place to go bird-watching due to the diverse species of birds that reside here. If you are a nature lover, then read on, this post is for you. What better way to admire the gift of nature then to look at birds. Its never easy to photograph a bird, it has to be done in a jiffy and at the right moment, before they fly away. Bird photography is indeed very interesting, because you ... »

KL Dark Cave Exploration to Blooming Orchids

A long day awaited us as we commenced our tour of the capital city – Kuala Lumpur. Like any other city it is a concrete jungle, brimming with life and 7.2 million people. Apart from boasting of one of the tallest towers in the world – Petronas Twin Towers – Kuala Lumpur has a mix of colonial buildings and spots of nature, which you will see in this post. We did an interesting act... »

In Mother Nature’s Womb


Hemkund: A Rose with a Thorn

June 21st – The beautiful lake, 6 km trek to Hemkund Sahib One thing we failed to do on this trip was to wake up early, by which I mean by 5 or 6 am, because that’s when most people start to trek to either Valley of Flowers or Hemkund Sahib. A light breakfast at Himalaya and we proceeded by 9.30 to go on a 6 km trek to Hemkund, which is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindus and ... »

The Valley of Flowers: Paradise on Earth

June 20th – Paradise and back, 3 km trek to The Valley of Flowers We woke up to the shouts of the people in the hotel asking us to check out at 8 am in the morning. After paying off Rs 600 for the room, the owner asked us if we would like to stay in a Deluxe room as his hotel had few vacant rooms. He was charging Rs 1200, we told him no thank you and left. He warned us that we would not get ... »

Praying Mantis Captures a Humming Bird!

I came across this story on Digg of a Praying Mantis, an insect, that to my surprise killed a Humming birds, ripped open its chest and ate its abdominal content. It was quite shocking for me, we do get to see Praying Mantis here in India but I have never seen one of a size that I could eat a Humming Bird. Read the Praying Mantis vs Humming Bird Story, reading the comments got me to an insect relat... »