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Scenic Beauty of Rural China, its Worth a Look

We watched a documentary recently called Wild China 1: Heart of the Dragon, there are around 6 to 7 parts to it. We will bring an update as soon as we watch all of them. The documentary showed a contrasting image of China, as China is generally in the news for all its misdeeds and human irghts issues. This time lets look at some beautiful parts of the country, the rural areas of China, concentrate... »

The Story of Tibet as China Warns France

As the Chinese increase pressure on France to stop the meeting between the Dalai Lama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on December 6th this Saturday in Poland, it becomes an even more interesting subject for us to divulge into. The chinese state that the meeting will have negative implications between the two countries in terms of trade and future progress related to China and the European Uni... »

The Dalai Lama on Tibet and China

His holiness the Dalai Lama recently spoke about how he is loosing hope of progress with the Chinese government on the Tibet issue that we have spoken about quite often. The Olympics went by, a testing time for the Chinese, but there was no respite for the Tibetans, many who lost their lives in the protest. But the Dalai Lama is a person with profound compassion, I went through many news reports a... »

The Olympics, China and Tibet

I use Google everyday and if you have used Google to search for anything in the past two weeks, you would have noticed Google’s logo, which reflects the Beijing Olympics, with a different sport each day. That logo connotes a different meaning for all of us. Perhaps, the logo reminds you of the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals your country has won in the Olympics. Every time I see the logo, I fe... »

The Lives of Tibetans in Exile

With the 2008 Olympic games hosted in China, Tibet seems to be the center of attraction, the Chinese have been occupying Tibet after the invasion in 1951 just how America invaded Iraq in 2003 and are still occupying it. The Chinese coincidentally also say the same as the Americans said about Iraq, that pre-liberation Tibet was a medieval, oppressive society consisting of landowners, serfs and slav... »

Animal Cruelty in Chinese Zoos

If a nation is great enough to host the Olympic Games then it should be great enough to be able to protect its animals. Not in China, which has always had a pathetic record when it came to animal cruelty. Things haven’t changed much there. Below are few horrific examples of cruel animal treatment which are performed blatantly in Zoos. The so-called ecological natural park, Badaling Safari Pa... »