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Climate Change

Peak Oil and Modern Civilized Landscapes

Peak Oil and Modern Civilized Landscapes

We already know how fossil fuels affects us and mother earth. While we use its derivatives for almost all applications from various types of power generation to modern agriculture, we’re literally draining our only home of this ancient resource unwisely, to say the least. While most of human and natural history depended on the 6 basic elements of earth, fire, wind, water, sound and light for... »

Are We Not Nature?

We are part of nature, although it sounds like an easy answer, we do not understand the significance of this sentence. As we continue with our progress and developments we are destroying the natural habit of a wide range of species in turn affecting our very own ecosystem. What we fail to realize, that as we continue on our destructive path we are only making it more difficult for our own existenc... »

einstein design of a refrigerator

Einstein’s Fridge to Cool the World

As time goes by things fade, we let go of things to incorporate faster or better things into our lives, like the normal gas oven to a zippy microwave, forgetting the harmful effects it has on our bodies, sometimes inventions that existed come back to save us in the future, like Einstein’s Refrigerator. Well its no surprise that the current generation has no clue about Einstein’s refrig... »


Solar Cycle 24: Things you Need to Know!

Approximately every eleven years solar activity waxes and wanes, on January 4, 2008, a reversed-polarity sunspot appeared on the sun, signaling the start of Solar Cycle 24. So what does this have to do with us here on Earth? Well its quite interesting, solar activity sends out the auroras or solar flares down to earth, also known as the northern lights its quite a beautiful sight. But there can be... »

Climate Change Blamed for Disease Propagation

Its no longer news anymore the climate is changing, but along with the temperature rise the world is noticing adverse effects of human health. As mother earth gets hotter, nature is trying to evolve to adapt with the situation, but we are the only part of nature caught up with our daily chores that help us loose focus on the grim realities of these changes. Most people already know that the climat... »

Nasa’s Top Climate Scientist Backs my Claim

If you remember just a week ago I spoke about how the media and the government are just trying to make you feel comfortable with the climate change, which you may have read in my previous post on TOI’s Opinion on the Rise in Sea Level. A few days after that James Hansen, 67, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said, “The industry is misleading the public... »

TOI’s Opinion on the Rise in Sea Level

A friend of mine recently sent me a link about the Times of India stating that the Gateway of India would be under water by 2100, with views from government officials and green peace activists. All of us who live in Bombay would have memories of the floods of 2005, people stranded, smashed buses, overturned cars, dead animals, water logged train stations etc. that should have refreshed your memory... »