The Untold Truth : Part 1

The Untold Truth : Part 1

This is a four-part series on “The Untold Truth,” to get a reality check on our current situation. Time to feed the brain. The concept of a pyramid like shadow power structure which controls almost all governments and corporations may be a recipe only for conspiracy theorists and is also something that the common man doesn’t have the time or attention span for, but most will defi... »

The Price of Tata Nano

The price tag of the Nano, the measly one lakh rupees, that hopes to put bikers in a car comes with a hidden cost borne by the farmers of Singur. We have spoken about how the Tata’s forcibly acquired the land to set up their Singur factory. But the farmers are not keeping quite even after their families have bee tortured during the acquisition process, the recent visit of Ravi Kant, the mana... »

Nationwide Protest to Free Binayak Sen

Around this time last year we had written about the arrest of human rights activist Dr. Binayak Sen who was working for the upliftment of the tribals in Chhattisgarh for twenty five years and criticized the Salwa Judum Movement. On 21 April 2008 the Global Health Council announced that the winner of the 2008 Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights is Dr. Binayak Sen. Sadly Dr. Binay... »

Indian Relief Fund Money Goes Missing

I have always been hesitant to contribute money to any relief fund, which starts up in case of a natural disaster or calamity. There is no proof that the money you contribute is used for rehabilitation of the victims. I recently came across an article on BBC’s website which proved the unaccountability of the Indian Government. Mujibur Rehman, a chief laboratory technician with a subsidiary o... »

Dance Bars, Corruption: Plight of A Taxi Driver

Taxi drivers, generally, have very interesting tales to tell about the city and its people. On my recent taxi ride back home I had a very provoking conversation with the driver. A very vocal fellow, he spoke about his loss of business due to the ban on dance bars in Mumbai (Maharashtra) and the rising corruption level among policemen. He said that the thriving dance bars in Mumbai, before they wer... »