6 Ways to Travel the World for Free

When pangs of wanderlust strike, what do you do? Would you postpone your plans to travel until the economic situation improves or would you find ways to travel the world for free? If you choose the latter then read on, lets get into the real spirit of traveling. Travel agencies sell all-inclusive packages, tailor-made etc., is like going to the mall and picking a brand new watch. The real experien... »

No Freedom to Support Freedom for Tibet

It was a kind of protest that Mahatma Gandhi would have advocated. Peaceful protest and candlelight vigil for Tibet at the Gateway of India on April 10th. With full enthusiasm to support the Tibetans I along with a friend went there. When we reached, no sign of a candlelight vigil, no one was there. I went and approached a policeman standing close by to know what was happening, he informed me that... »

A Follow up on Tibet

A Follow up on Tibet

If you have not yet read the lives of the Tibetans in Dharamsala you should, it will give you a nice insight into their live. This post although will give you an insight into the protests that have been occurring around the world with the Beijing Olympics coming up. I’ll first disclose a little something I read on the New York Times, where people can send a letter to China, As a Tibetan, I t... »

The Lives of Tibetans in Exile

With the 2008 Olympic games hosted in China, Tibet seems to be the center of attraction, the Chinese have been occupying Tibet after the invasion in 1951 just how America invaded Iraq in 2003 and are still occupying it. The Chinese coincidentally also say the same as the Americans said about Iraq, that pre-liberation Tibet was a medieval, oppressive society consisting of landowners, serfs and slav... »