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Goodbye Global Warming

If you are a regular reader here you would have come across one of the many articles on Global Warming that we have blogged about. But as change and understanding is never constant with us, we are going to close down this section that we started off in mid 2006. It could be considered as a hilarious thing to do when Global Warming is supposedly at its peak. But as strange as it may seem, we are no... »

Documentaries to Help You Exit the System

Documentaries to Help You Exit the System

Aliston had given me a long list of documentaries to add in the untold truth series, but there were too many of them. So here’s a list of the others that he passed on. Most of them are available free of cost to watch, the one called Food Matters and Gardens of Destiny are not available, the trailer has been put up but I’m sure you can find a torrent Wake Up Call Some of the topics cove... »

Striped Icebergs and the Meltdown

Icebergs, most of us have not yet seen one, but when we think of an iceberg its this white mass of ice, small above the service of the water and a huge chunk invisible under the water. Its a pleasant realization, nature is never boring and there is no such thing like monotonous from today when we imagine icebergs I think most of them will be stripped ones even though the formation of these are rar... »

Compelling Ads on Environment Issues

Our environment is in peril, a fact which we all know about, but when asked what are we doing about it, a question mark looms over what steps we are taking as individuals to solve this. I came across some beautiful messages highlighting the environmental issues facing us today. Take a look at some of these ads, they are provocative, in the sense, inspiring to change your lifestyle that could be ha... »


Religious Places Go Green

Religious entities around the world are leading the way towards a green environment. Spirituality and sustainability goes hand in hand, so its not surprising to see that temples, churches, mosques are resorting to eco-friendly ways to have spiritually positive energy.Vatican Goes Green The Vatican installed 2700 solar panels to generate enough power to light, heat or cool the 6,000-seater where th... »

Climate Change Blamed for Disease Propagation

Its no longer news anymore the climate is changing, but along with the temperature rise the world is noticing adverse effects of human health. As mother earth gets hotter, nature is trying to evolve to adapt with the situation, but we are the only part of nature caught up with our daily chores that help us loose focus on the grim realities of these changes. Most people already know that the climat... »

Green Travel Tips for a Clean Earth

If you are an Eco-conscious traveler or aspire to be one, then read on. Every step matters, we have traveled at a higher altitude of 4000m above sea level and seen an area littered with garbage, mainly plastic bottles, what a shameful sight. Well, that’s the case in many places in India. It would be a different story if people knew how to travel more ecologically, and be little sensitive tow... »

Biodegradable Toilets to Keep Mount Everest Clean

Glaciers are melting the world over, and we know the situation is going to get worse. Someone is taking the matter seriously. A good initiative by a trekking agency in Nepal is to clean up the existing mess in the highest summit in the world – Mount Everest. Eco Everest 2008 expedition, in memory of the first man who climbed the peak Edmund Hillary, will clean the garbage that’s been s... »

Nasa’s Top Climate Scientist Backs my Claim

If you remember just a week ago I spoke about how the media and the government are just trying to make you feel comfortable with the climate change, which you may have read in my previous post on TOI’s Opinion on the Rise in Sea Level. A few days after that James Hansen, 67, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, said, “The industry is misleading the public... »

Human Health will be Badly Affected by Global Warming

When we talk about global warming, what would you generally talk about? The glaciers are melting, the temperatures are rising, animals are getting extinct because of the climate change etc. Have you thought about the human race? What consequences will it have on our health? Its a scary thought, to even look into the future, because future is not bright unless we take up the matter seriously. ̶... »

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