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Israeli Backpackers in India

“Hey Tony, have a nice trip in India. Don’t waste your time in Kasol, go further up to Spiti or Kinnaur (in Himachal Pradesh) or some more beautiful places. You should make good use of your stay here,” explained one of the experienced traveller to a young Israeli boy leaving Dharamkot, which is around 10kms from Dharamsala. In our articles based on our month-long trip to Himachal... »

A Glimpse of Udaipur Enroute Mumbai

We were back in Dharamkot after the failed attempt to trek to Kareri lake. Our trip was coming to an end, unfortunately, I always hate this part. We had to board a bus to Delhi and from there take a train back to Mumbai. We checked out early from Internet guest house for some last minute shopping in the little Tibetan market in McLeod Ganj. We walked down the main market road of McLeod Ganj, where... »

Lost in The Forests of Kareri

Just couple of minutes away from Norbulingka Institute in Dharamsala is Gyuto monastery, known as home of the Karmapa. It was a hot sunny day, seemingly different climate as compared to the cold desert of Spiti, so we were struggling to get use to the heat again. Situated against the backdrop of the majestic Dauladhar mountains, Gyuto is a beautiful monastery that specializes in the study of Tantr... »

Treasures of Tibet at Norbulingka

A day of rest and a short trek to Nadi, which we didn’t even complete, we were determined to do something more productive in Dharamsala, the last destination of our Himachal trip. We found out the possible places we can go, and we decided to head to Kareri lake, which is around 33 kms away from Dharamsala. On the way to Kareri, the plan was to stop by St Johns Church, Norbulingka Institute a... »

McLeod Ganj, a Taste of Tibet in India

The next day we slept like logs till noon, we had to regain energy after the trek from Batal to Chota Dara in Lahaul. The plan was to eat lunch in Manali, and leave for Dharamkot, a small village above Dharamsala, close to McLeoad Ganj. Since there were no buses, we thought of taking a taxi straight to Dharamkot, which is at a distance of around 246 kms from Manali. Fortunately we got a good deal ... »

From Spitian Deserts to the Pastures of Lahual

Most of us were overjoyed with the thought of walking on glaciers in the Himalayas, of course there was the odd nerve as well, but that was negligible. So we got off the jeep few kms after Batal, took our sticks, slipped in the plastic sheet between the socks and shoes, put on our gloves, and off we were on a thrilling adventure. We were walking at our own pace, there was only fun and snow ball fi... »

The Snowy Mountains of Kunzum Pass

After our Enlightening experience in Kee Monastery we were back at our hotel in Kaza. It was time to depart for Manali and head to Dharamshala from there. We met two guys from Delhi, they had taken the long route from Recong Peo to Spiti just like us, and didn’t want to return to Delhi the same way. According to their research Kunzum Pass, which is the shorter route to Manali, had opened but... »

Enlightened in Kee Monastery

After walking through the enchanting village of Kibber we were all set to visit Kee monastery, which is located 12 kms away from Kaza, at an altitude of 13,504 feet. We got a glance of the monastery perched on the hilltop, while on our way to Kibber. We had seen pictures of Key gompa (monastery) on the net before leaving for the trip, and were so captivated by the magnificent beauty of the place, ... »

Kibber, Beauty and Simplicity Personified

The journey from Tabo to Kaza, which is the main town in Spiti valley, takes around two hours to reach by local bus. The distance is only 48 kms but the uneven and extremely bumpy road makes the drive longer, and the ticket is affordable too, just Rs 55. The landscape becomes more intriguing as we moved further away from Tabo, the rock formations began to emerge; at some places thick columns of ro... »

The Mesmerising Blue Skies of Tabo

After the trek to the Buddhist caves in Tabo, we were famished as it was already past 4 pm and we were starving. So we decided to go to a restaurant close by and savour the local delicacies. For the first time we walked on the main road of Tabo village to get a glimpse of rural life. The mud houses had similar structure, design and colour, very few of them had two or three levels. Some of the hous... »

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