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microcosmos slow love

3 Mind-Blowing Time-lapse Nature Documentaries

My passion for nature runs deep, I have been observing everything that she has to offer, from a caterpillar to a butterfly, a flower to a fruit, sunset to sunrise all of it fascinates me. But when you combine hours of watching a time-lapse video with music to match the repetitive motion of a caterpillar chewing a leaf or flowers opening up, it takes the level of admiration to unimaginable heights.... »

Photographed Parables

It’s been a while since we did some photography, this is the first time I have cropped pictures before I uploaded them, and I am pleased with the results. I have hosted all my images on Imageshack, rather than using blogger this time. This allows me to provide you with a picture optimised to fit the blog size and it also makes it look nice, but I must warn you that it will take some time to ... »


Spiders Weave Better on LSD-25

In 1948 a German zoologist H.M. Peters was studying spiders and faced a problem. The Spiders weaved their nests between 2AM and 5AM in the morning. He questioned a friend Dr. Peter Witt, a German born Swiss pharmacologist, what they could do to get the spiders to weave webs during feasible day times. According to Rainer Foelix, in his book “Biology of Spiders”, Dr. Witt prescribed amph... »

Step Into my Pictures!

My recent visit to Karjat, apart from the usual macro photography that I do. I tried applying some new techniques, I also thought of how I should take the pictures when I could. So here goes! The above picture is a new plant, I am not sure what the name is, but its rather beautiful isn’t it! Here we have Mr. Cricket with red eyes and a green body on a white rose, rather colorful!Theres a Spi... »

Karjat: A Nature Lover’s Delight!

Located approx 100 km from Mumbai, Karjat is a peaceful retreat for everyone who wants to get away from the daily madness of urban life. Karjat lies on the banks of river Ulhas with Sahyadri, Western Ghats surrounding this district. There are several farm houses and hotels here. In fact when I first went to Karjat 2-3 years ago, there were only a few hotels, but since then there has been a major s... »

In Mother Nature’s Womb