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Israel Using Holocaust as an Excuse for War

A recent comment on a post I did three years ago called, Israel is no Holy Land and then Aliston posted a video on Facebook that made me want to put it here. It talks about how Israel uses the holocaust as an excuse to commit atrocious crimes even today. Then a little trolling got me going through a few more videos related to the subject that have been shared with you. The second video was perhaps... »

Israeli Backpackers in India

“Hey Tony, have a nice trip in India. Don’t waste your time in Kasol, go further up to Spiti or Kinnaur (in Himachal Pradesh) or some more beautiful places. You should make good use of your stay here,” explained one of the experienced traveller to a young Israeli boy leaving Dharamkot, which is around 10kms from Dharamsala. In our articles based on our month-long trip to Himachal... »

India, Where are We Heading?

Hello friends, especially if you belong to this part of the subcontinent and here in India. In the news we had heard of the center launching a spy satellite built by Israel, we heard of a major amount of weapons sourced and defense deals with Israel. A Muslim friend of mine, who observes Ramzan feels that its not a problem if the country trades billions of rupees for weapons with a country that ri... »

What is Israel Doing?

Its been a while since I posted here, to be honest everytime I go through the news I have been depressed. Every time I want to post, this particular post, I end up not doing it, its gotten delayed and even more delayed as the death toll has now crossed 600 mostly civilians, my heart goes out to the Palestinians who are being massacred by the Israeli bombs. A long time ago I had done a post on Isra... »

Peace Boats Break Israeli Gaza Siege

The 40 peace activists from 17 countries that set sail from Cyprus to get through Israels blockade and reach the Gaza port to deliver hearing aid to the people of Palestine who are facing a shortage of water, fuel, medical attention and work. Israel recently stopped its occupation of the Gaza strip buy tightened security restrictions on the territory to an extent that even the local fisher folk ca... »

B’Tselem Helps Palestinians Shoot Back

An Israeli human rights group called B’Tselem that has been active in the occupied territories has recently provided more than 100 video cameras to the Palestinians there to record their daily lives. The majority of B’Tselem’s efforts are directed at violations committed by the Israeli government on behalf of all of the people living in Israel. The group focuses on the population... »

Israel is No Holy Land

Israel, just celebrated its 60th birthday recently, also known as the Holy Land for the Christians here in India and perhaps around the world. Lets take a look and see what makes Israel the holy land. Israel, was originally called Canaan, an ancient term for a region encompassing present-day Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Jordan as well as the coastal parts of Egypt and Syria. The p... »