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hofmann bicycle day

LSD & Its Usage in Human Life and Evolution

The funny part about LSD is that Albert Hofmann, the scientist who discovered it, claims that LSD discovered him. Although post the discovery of LSD, with the mass usage of LSD in the psychedelic sixties he started to believe it was actually a problem, what he called his “problem child.” But years later his problem child turned into a wonder drug and in his own words. “I think that in ... »


St. Albert Hofmann Dies at 102

The discoverer and creator of the substance LSD-25, the most powerful mind altering chemical known to man, died yesterday of a heart attack at a ripe old age of 102 years. I am saddened and overjoyed at the same time for his deeply influential existence on earth that has changed thousands of lives. I think at this point of time I would like to start from the very beginning, the discovery of LSD-25... »


Spiders Weave Better on LSD-25

In 1948 a German zoologist H.M. Peters was studying spiders and faced a problem. The Spiders weaved their nests between 2AM and 5AM in the morning. He questioned a friend Dr. Peter Witt, a German born Swiss pharmacologist, what they could do to get the spiders to weave webs during feasible day times. According to Rainer Foelix, in his book “Biology of Spiders”, Dr. Witt prescribed amph... »


The Most Bizarre Experiments Ever

The quest for knowledge can make scientists do inhumane and bizarre things. When you read the kind of experiments some of them have conducted, you would be disgusted with how animals were treated. And most of the experiments fall closer to madness than to genius. A list of the most provocative and outrageous experiments of modern science has been compiled by author Alex Boese, who scoured research... »

Did you say Mind Expansion?

Did you say Mind Expansion?

When Kevin Herbert has a particularly intractable programming problem, or finds himself pondering a big career decision, he deploys a powerful mind expanding tool –LSD-25. “It must be changing something about the internal communication in my brain. Whatever my inner process is that lets me solve problems, it works differently, or maybe different parts of my brain are used, ” said... »

Ecstasy & LSD Safer Than Alcohol!

At last I see a government who has taken its drug policy to the test. A few months ago the British government wanted to legalize a range of drugs but the bill was not passed, so they began a research on the drugs that cause potential harm. The categories were divided into 3 factors causing harm, physical, tendency to create dependence and social impact. Twenty drugs were rated by psychiatrists, ch... »