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Cell Phone Towers Causing Cancer

Cell Phone Towers Causing Cancer

All of us are aware that cell phones transmit radiation which is harmful, you may have also experienced some symptoms like irritation or a headache when you talk on your cell phone for long periods of time. But when it comes to cell phone towers or masts the radiation levels emitted are much more, considering that they are transferring and emitting to multiple cell phones simultaneously lets take ... »

Mumbai’s First Gay Parade

Mumbai’s First Gay Parade

A few days after the Health Minister spoke about legalizing Homosexuality and Prostitution in the country and a month after India’s first Gay Pride Parade, although the community did not participate in India, the community participated in the cities first parade. The main reason was to abolish the Section 377 of the Indian penal code which outlaws “unnatural sexual offences” and ... »

The Dabbawallas of Mumbai

Famed around the world the Dabbawallas (tiffin carriers) of Mumbai are known for their efficiency, punctuality, organization and management. In my recent day away from home when I get out and get into the chaos with a camera, it was the time when the tiffins were sorted and loaded on cycles at Andheri station. I took a couple of pictures with the intention to do a short post, but after doing a lit... »

Music, Dance & More at Kala Ghoda Festival

Mumbai’s favorite cultural festival is here again. Kala Ghoda Arts Festival kicks off tomorrow with hosts of events lined up till February 10th, 2008. The quiet surroundings of Kala Ghoda undergo a major transformation during the festival. It is buzzing with activities, there is a wonderful display of paintings, innovative creations, pavement shows, food stalls, and a lot more. There are events in... »

The Pros & Cons of Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival where the Elephant-headed God is paraded through the streets and immersed in to the sea. It is the only festival in the whole of India that can bring a fast-paced city like Mumbai to a standstill. Who is Lord Ganesha?Ganesha, the elephant-deity riding a mouse, the son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a... »

A Day of my Life in Bombay

Travelling in Bombay is rather crazy, with the amount of people and traffic that we have its no joke. My place of work is approximately 30 km away from where I stay and getting there can take me up to two and a half hours. Using the traffic to their advantage, many companies now hire people to stand with advertising boards in areas where the traffic usually clogs. If you look at the billboard in t... »


Bandra Reclamation: An Artistic Splendour

Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai (India), is popularly nick-named ‘Queen Of The Suburbs.’ Known for its beautiful churches, restaurants and vibrant night-life, Bandra is truly a place to be in Mumbai. The Subway of Bandra Reclamation got a complete makeover at the Celebrate Bandra 2005. I took a couple of pictures, excuse the photography as the lights in the small tunnel were non-functional,... »

Shelter from the Storm

The rains have arrived in Bombay, its been raining in the evenings and nights over the past few days. I was caught up in the first shower on my bike while I was in one of the suburbs on my way home from work. We took shelter in a shed on Rahul Maidan, where I met a couple of friends. When the rain picked up we could see some people with big sacks running into the shed. Homeless people, old people,... »

Recent Pictures Taken Part 3

Recent Pictures Taken Part 2 »

Recent Pictures Taken Part 2

A recent demolition of slums at a prime area in Lower Parel, opposite Phoenix Mills: Recent Pictures Taken Part 1 »

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