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9 Ways to Get High Naturally by Boosting Dopamine Levels

9 Ways to Get High Naturally by Boosting Dopamine Levels

“Each of our cells is a living entity, and the main thing that influences them is our blood. If I open my eyes in the morning and my beautiful partner is in front of me, my perception causes a release of oxytocin, dopamine, growth hormones – all of which encourage the growth and health of my cells. But if I see a saber tooth tiger, I’m going to release stress hormones which chang... »

spiritual music to relax

10 Songs to Set you on a Meditative Journey

Sometimes, we have trouble settling into a calm, or meditative state. Most of the time, what I need is music that will not push me into a certain mood or mindset, but that will wash over and let me have my own meditative thoughts, without infringing their messages on me. Here are some songs that let me do exactly that. Whether you use them for: reading, writing, meditating, working, or painting et... »

benefits of music on human health and mind

Seven Ways Music Benefits your Health

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” ~ Billy Joel I remember the time I gave birth to our son, the doctor played some relaxing, soothing tunes that helped ease the process of giving natural birth. Music can have dramatic effect on the human min... »

432hz vs 440hz water sound image

432Hz, Coming Back to Nature

Its strange when you get out of the city into the countryside, you feel rejuvenated – the shades of colour, the sounds, birds, frogs, running water etc., has a soothing effect on the mind. These sounds consist of vibrational frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). All of these natural harmonics vibrate at 432 Hz, and it’s the natural frequency of the universe. Being in tune with th... »

Dancing to the Didgeridoo with DaveJ

Recently a friend Ankush who attended a show at a local pub called Zenzi, where an unknown person called DaveJ would be playing the Didjreedo. I was a tad bit interested in going to the event but the place was not my cup of tea, but thanks to Ankush who recently started playing the Didge, he met DaveJ who was willing to meet him to teach few tricks for playing the didjeridu. The Didjeridu or Didge... »

The Ruben’s Tube

John Le Conte discovered in 1858 that flames were sensitive to sound, post that a lot of scientists conducted experiments based on the above theory. Then in 1904, using the past discoveries, Heinrich Rubens, took a 4-metre-long tube and drilled 200 small holes into it at 2 centimeter intervals, and filled it with a flammable gas. After lighting the gas he noted that a sound produced at one end of ... »

Jew’s Harp: A Magical, Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instrument can be exciting, especially when its as small as your forefinger and it resonates sound that is melodious and rhythmic. Jew’s harp also known as jaw’s harp or mouth harp is known to be the oldest instrument in the world. I had never heard about this instrument until recently when I got a chance to play it. It is made of metal (you also get harps made of bam... »

Spanish Flamenco Performance

I went for a Spanish Cultural Evening recently in Mumbai and the highlight of the party was Flamenco performance by internationally renowned flamenco dancer Carmen Cortes and her husband who is considered the best flamenco guitar players Gerardo Nunez.I had seen it on TV but never experienced the real dance. What is Flamenco? Flamenco is a vigorous rhythmic dance style; also music or song suitable... »

Paul Dateh & Inka One

The Violin & Turntable video is a fascinating video recommended by Sahil Mane a friend of mine. Paul Dateh the violinist has his own blog where you can keep yourself updated with his shows. I found the embed code on Groovy Grooves, a video sharing site catering to Musician, Dancing, Singing & Striptease videos. I really don’t know how the striptease got in there, I have not checked... »

A Fractular Journey!

Lovely fractular patterns can be seen in this video from the Spirals in Hyperspace album by Ozric Tentacles. The Ozric Tentacles (commonly known as the Ozrics) are an instrumental band from Somerset, England, whose music can loosely be described as psychedelic. Formed in 1984, the band have released 29 albums as of 2007, and become a cottage industry selling around a million albums worldwide despi... »

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