Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions XI

Its been really long since we had any optical illusions on Fractal. Before that, I would like to say that we have made slight changes on the blog, like right on top we have put a scroller so you could browse through couple of our favorite posts. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, we have collated the best posts of each section, so if you hover your mouse over the image, you will get a descri... »

Optical Illusions X

Another collection of entertaining optical illusions, from real life to camera tricks, it all depends on your perspective. This one is a romantic illusion, looks like the sailor and his woman are nailed to the wall. Maybe not, look closely. Will the woman fall if the sailor lifted his arms? This one took me more than 30 seconds to figure out. How long did it take you? The woman is actually lying f... »

Shadow Optical Illusions IX

In Optical Illusion VIII Bhavika ran you through illusions created with light on objects, it was extremly beautiful. Today I have some more of these illusions created by shadows that are if not equally, are much more fascinating. Lets begin with Shigeo Fukuda’s Lunch with a Helmut On. This shadow sculpture of a motorcycle is built entirely out of 848 pieces of welded forks, knives, and spoon... »

Creative Optical Illusions VIII

Hello readers, hope you are having a good day and not letting the morbid fear of Friday the 13th bog you down. All set for the weekend? So I bring you again for the eighth time some phenomenal optical illusions, am sure you will love it. Come on, take a break from your work for few minutes and enjoy these illusions. Let me start with the best illusion of the day. A Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita h... »

Optical Illusions VII

Optical Illusions are back! Get ready to trick your eyes with some cool illusions that show the difference between visual perception and reality. Sometimes we need to be told that something is there to be able to see it, and at times, you can spot it at first shot. Can you spot a distinct figure in the image below – A mother and her child are praying in this picture, saw it now. If not, then... »

Optical Illusions VI

Illusions occur in day-to-day life, you just need the eye to spot it. The image below shows ice cubes forming a smiley in the wine glass. Its not photoshopped, just that the photographer captured it at the right moment. Flock of Birds always fly in unison, their movement is so synchronised that its forming a flying smiley in the sky! Isn’t it amazing?Another classic one. A Venezuelan gymnast... »

Optical Illusion V

The General’s Family – Can you spot the nine people in the image below combining to form the face of the General and to tell the story and the secrets of his life. We see his mother and father, his wife and other members of his family, even his dog (masquerading as his hand) and as you study the painting you see behind the facade and read the story of a remarkable life.Very creative, t... »

Optical Illusions IV

We can never get enough of optical illusions. So I’ve searched for some more intriguing images to tease your eyes! Below is a shop in Burkina Faso, in Africa. The owner seems to be looking for customers, but it seems like there is nothing interesting in his collection of bowls and buckets, or are we missing something. If we were to move a few steps towards our left, we can see something real... »

Optical Illusions III

Let’s exercise our eyes and also our mind by looking at few optical illusions. The image below is a beautiful portrait of Mona Lisa hidden behind the lines. In fact these lines create an interesting effect. The next one is a classic one. It’s one of those illusions which looks like its moving, but matter-of-factly its completely still. This wonderful illusion was created by A.Kitaoka i... »

Optical Illusion II

Optical illusions are fun. They are in different forms, styles and some images have amazing artwork. After the first article on it, I thought lets have some more mind-boggling images. Soulwax, the Belgian rock band, in its album cover has a hidden message in these two pictures. What you have to do is just step away from your monitor and look at it from different distances, just like a stereogram. ... »

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