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Unique Artwork by Italian Artist Arcimboldo

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian artist from the 16th century, was not only creative in his work but also way ahead of his time. He used drawings of vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves, books, fish on a canvas in such a manner that the whole arrangement of these items created beautiful portraits. He created beautiful portraits with drawings of vegetables, fruits, flowers, leaves, books, fish on a c... »

The Changing Face of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Mumbai’s well known Kala Ghoda Arts festival 2009 took place last week and our one visit showed us two different sides of Kala Ghoda. On one hand the art display and the message behind each installation was impressive as usual. Most of the creative work brought to the forefront the undeniable issues facing our world today, environmental issues, water conservation, the state of the city, poll... »

psychedelic art

Some Collected Art From my Closet

In phases on and off you come across beautiful things in life, you store them and keep them, beautiful paintings things that you like. Well throughout life I have collected certain images, some that reflect a phase or a moment. Expression, feelings, emotions put into it that you can connect with at times with the artist and sometimes you outgrow it. Most of the times people send me art that they c... »


The Artistic Side of Adolf Hitler

It was news to me, probably because history was never my favorite subject in school. But reading about the artistic side of the German dictator Adolf Hitler was quite interesting. Art was one of Hitler’s major interest, he even tried to make a living as an artist before his rise to power. But Hitler never succeeded, no wonder this aspect of the Nazi ruler goes unnoticed. Hitler began by pain... »


An Artist who can Make People Invisible

We really hope you are enjoying your holidays and are all set to celebrate Christmas. Whereas for us, holidays are yet to start, such is the life of a blogger. Coming to the Art post of the week, its related to something which we all have wished for in life, at least at some stage, to become invisible and blend with the surroundings. Life would be so much simpler then. Dutch artist Desiree Palmen ... »

Morose Paintings of Tetsuya Ishida

Tetsuya Ishida, a Japanese artist, was known for painting dark and morbid scenes, depicting struggles of modern day life in Japan. The characters in his paintings appear to be distressed and sulky, and in a few of them their bodies are in pieces and part of a machine. If you take a look at his work, you will get a feeling that its trying to convey a much deeper meaning, at least thats how I felt, ... »