Was Mumbai’s Terror Attacks an Inside Job?

We are outraged with the recent attacks in Mumbai, but I am a paranoid skeptic, I don’t trust the government and I have to read multiple news sources to find out what’s actually happening. I just read Abhishek’s post on the terror attacks, it has this excerpt from Zeitgeist. ‘To keep a society, a nation together there is a need to create an outside enemy figure!’ Like... »

Peak Oil and Modern Civilized Landscapes

Peak Oil and Modern Civilized Landscapes

We already know how fossil fuels affects us and mother earth. While we use its derivatives for almost all applications from various types of power generation to modern agriculture, we’re literally draining our only home of this ancient resource unwisely, to say the least. While most of human and natural history depended on the 6 basic elements of earth, fire, wind, water, sound and light for... »

Christian Conversion and Hindu Extremism Clash

There have been a spate of attacks on Christians across a few regions in the country, that started off when the VHP leader named Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati was killed in Orissa a month ago. The Hindu extremists blamed the Christians for his murder and started going about, lets see, killing people, burning down houses, orphanages, raping woman and till today the situation is not under control. Or... »

A Call for Financial Transparency in NGOs

Over the last couple of years I have been receiving the wire a short four page newsletter that’s dispatched by Amnesty International monthly, I consider myself lucky to receive it as it’s not me who is paying the subscription fee, I think its one of my uncles from London who my parents met while they were touring. That’s not important, what I wanted to talk about is that every month “the wire” giv... »

Stepping Inside Iranian Propaganda

We have take a good look at American propaganda and how the country brainwashes its citizens into believing that they have given the rest of the world freedom by waging wars to liberate the country. Israel is another country that has not only its citizens but nearly the entire Christian population around the world brainwashed. Now lets take a look how Iran spreads its message of hate and propagand... »

Jamaica in The Eyes of a Jamaican

Jamaica in The Eyes of a Jamaican

My job gives me the opportunity to interact with people from around the world, which is one of its plus points. I have a friend so to say, who goes by the name of Kayode Anthony (Ka), who has been living his life in the Caribbean Islands, I know him because of this website. I happened to have a deep eccentric conversation with him, as we jumped from topics like life there and here in Mumbai, trave... »