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4 Ways to Overgrow the System

Overgrowing the system is a bottom-up approach to replacing the current regressive unhealthy/unsustainable system with a potentially progressive healthy/sustainable one. But overgrowing the system is no walk in the park. It requires courage, patience and resilience. Even the people we care about the most may still be hooked on the outdated system, so it also requires loving compassion, but definit... »

Thought-provoking illustration by Pawel Kuczynski

Art as a Weapon in Political Warfare

“The opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude.” –George Orwell Art has always affected the political landscape. From George Carlin’s standup to Picasso’s Guernica, from Allen Ginsberg’s Howl to Banksy’s graffiti, from Avatar to Fight Club, art is a weapon in the battlefield of ideas. As it turns out, the most famous political art of all time, George O... »

gulabi gang in India

Gulabi Gang Upholding Women’s Rights

Woman in India have been taken for granted, they have been physically and mentally abused in many sections and stratas of society. Today there are still so many problems like the ongoing rapes in Delhi, molestations of foreigners in certain parts of the country and not to forget incidents where the women were pulled out of clubs and beaten on the streets. Instead of depending on government bodies ... »

Documentaries to Help You Exit the System

Documentaries to Help You Exit the System

Aliston had given me a long list of documentaries to add in the untold truth series, but there were too many of them. So here’s a list of the others that he passed on. Most of them are available free of cost to watch, the one called Food Matters and Gardens of Destiny are not available, the trailer has been put up but I’m sure you can find a torrent Wake Up Call Some of the topics cove... »

Pangea Day’s Films Connected People Around the World

Pangea Day’s Films Connected People Around the World

The world united to celebrate humanity, spreading the message of ‘Make Peace, Not War’ in a manner never done before, a way that will touch your heart. The medium is films, that will inspire and compel us to open our mind to a new way of looking at our world. ‘Pangea Day’ was a global event that brought the world together through films. Take a moment to read this, because y... »

A Follow up on Tibet

A Follow up on Tibet

If you have not yet read the lives of the Tibetans in Dharamsala you should, it will give you a nice insight into their live. This post although will give you an insight into the protests that have been occurring around the world with the Beijing Olympics coming up. I’ll first disclose a little something I read on the New York Times, where people can send a letter to China, As a Tibetan, I t... »

Most Americans are Brainwashed by Propaganda

Two months ago I came across a blog run by a couple of brainwashed American Soldiers, who propagate war and killing people. What I have understood from the fact of the matter is that the soldiers who are waging war actually think that they are peacekeepers. I do not know how brainwashed a person can be to actually think that killing people maintains peace. To initiate war not only do soldiers have... »

Burma Is Burning

Since the last fifteen years the Burmese have been controlled and led by the military junta. Recently there have been waves of peaceful anti-government protest by the citizens, that have been met with harsh force and brutality by the Myanmar government. It seems there had been a growing unease in the population regarding the economic status of the country, which was ranked among the 20 poorest cou... »

Kenneth Foster: A Martyr in the Making

Imagine you are a black man waking up in the morning with a smile; you are on your way to work having a good day listening to some good music. You pick up your travel buddy, who has been traveling with you for a couple of months. Everything’s fine your buddy wants to pick up a burger but as he crosses the road he pulls out a gun and kills someone. The next day you find yourself in a court being se... »


A World Without Humans

Our planet is headed towards an environmental crash. The situation is getting grim, and Mother Earth is bleeding. A solution to this was an irresistible concept from Alan Weisman, a science writer and an associate professor of journalism at the University of Arizona, who has produced a Book of Revelation called – The World Without Us. Its a narrative non-fiction which talks about how the wor... »

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