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epilepsy and art

A Metaphysical Journey Through Epilepsy

After waking from a childhood coma at around the age of 4, Myron Dyal awoke to a complete loss of memory never to be regained. From that point forward he experienced seizures and visions that no one could explain – blacking out, seeing things no one else could affirm. With staunch Christian beliefs his family treated the disorder as if it were demonic possession including the requisite relig... »


Intriguing Underwater Sculptures

Art is not only about pretty and abstract paintings, but the thought and the way its executed. Like Jason Taylor, the British-born artist who has created exceptional underwater sculptures on the seabed of the Caribbean island, Grenada. On seeing more of his work, you will understand that how the changing face of these sculptures underwater, due to the ecology, indirectly shows the changing landsca... »


Making Sculptures with Forks

Dan Alexandru does something which not many people would have thought of, bending forks to make some amazing sculptures. If you have a look at his work, it will not only leave you totally stunned, but would also make you want to bend the fork, instead of eating with it. Many artists have transformed items used for consumption into an expression of their artistic ability. Forks definitely make some... »


Alien-like Sculptures Made from Balloons

The Art section is turning out to be a wonderful collection of creative objects, made from used and sometimes very simple materials. You won’t believe the level of creativity exhibited by these artists, they use rocks, old books, beer cans, plastic bags, almost anything to make a unique work of art. Lets see some crazy, whimsical sculptures made from something which kids love, balloons. New ... »

Joshua Harris Street Scultpure

Inflatable Subway Art of Joshua Harris

We’ve heard of wooden and ceramic sculptures, but the beauty of artwork is that there is no limit to creativity of an artist. Joshua Allen Harris has created quite a buzz with his inflatable street sculptures of animals. Guess what he uses to make them, shopping bags, trash bags, and tape. Its simple, yet executed stunningly. Joshua ties the inflatable animal onto the ventilation grates and ... »

Kris Kuksi art

Kris Kuksi’s Antic Art

Art that is thought-provoking, mind-boggling and in short will blow you away. What we have here is the artwork of Kris Kuksi, whose work is morbid but at the same time meaningful. Through his work he shares his thoughts on psychological issues, religious ideology, and aesthetics. It seems like work within work, you can easily lose yourself in it. The way the artist thinks of creating such pieces s... »


Ron Mueck: The Hyper Realist Sculptor

When you come across a genius online, its very difficult to not blog about it. But as usual get ready for your jaw-dropping experience my friends because Ron Mueck is a genius when it comes to sculpture, a hyper realist sculptor. He reproduces the minute detail of the human body, depicting different stages of human life. If you do not know the meaning of that, at the end of the show your brain is ... »