How I Found Freedom from Myself with Ayahuasca

How I Found Freedom from Myself with Ayahuasca

I find it befitting after my second Ayahuasca healing ceremony to finally reveal to you about my experience with the Plant Spirit. Although the sacred Ayahuasca ceremony has been held in India for a while both of us got a chance to do it thanks to the Anahata Foundation who brought down a wonderful Amazonian shaman, Herbert Quinteros Flores. The first sessions were held in an organic farm on the o... »


The Path of a Shaman, Herbert Quinteros

“He (the Shaman) is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe.” ~ Michael Harner Shamans or medicine men are navigators, explorers, healers and guides operating in the realm of the collective unconscious. They know how to navigate through the subtle spirit worlds and human consciousness. During our transformational journey we had the opportunity t... »

shamans drumming

Shamanism and the Transformative Power of Drum Meditation

“Shamanism is not a religion. It’s a method. And when this method is practiced with humility, reverence and self-discipline, the shaman’s path can become a way of life.” – Hank Wesselman The wise make one lifetime into many; the many make one lifetime into less. Shamans are intent upon making their one life into many by cultivating a relationship and a dialogue with the multiple sub-selves within ... »

yanomami yopo

Yopo: the Ancient Amazonian DMT Snuff

Yopo is a visionary snuff used by various tribes in South America for over 4000 years! Nowadays, it’s mostly used by the tribes in the Amazonian Jungle – Yanomami and the Piaroa – who have managed to fend off the influence of the western world, for their spiritual and healing purpose. Even to this day, they continue to hear the wisdom of the jungle in the form of Yopo snuff. The base o... »


Magic Mushrooms: A Catalyst for Human Evolution

It was a glorious morning in late August when me and my friends went mushroom hunting in the meadows in the outskirts of my place in Mexico. We searched in the patches of tall grass left uneaten by the cows that looked at us uninterested while ruminating. Hidden inside these tall patches of grass, there were large bodies of cow dung. Mushrooms feed on cellulose, that is why they grow there. Cellul... »

Brazilian and Himalayan crystal skulls Xamuku and Amakua

A Shamanic Journey with Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls have always been fascinating; legend says that these are ancient tools to connect with the universal consciousness. This time I had the opportunity to be part of a shamanic gathering, organised by Anahata Foundation, with Star Johnsen Moser - a powerful spiritual healer who has been the keeper of many ancient crystal skulls and has worked with Mayan Elders and international groups a... »

432hz vs 440hz water sound image

432Hz, Coming Back to Nature

Its strange when you get out of the city into the countryside, you feel rejuvenated – the shades of colour, the sounds, birds, frogs, running water etc., has a soothing effect on the mind. These sounds consist of vibrational frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). All of these natural harmonics vibrate at 432 Hz, and it’s the natural frequency of the universe. Being in tune with th... »

Bwiti tribe Iboga ritual

Iboga – The Visionary Root of Africa

The use of hallucinogens in religion is an ancient practice, where sacred plants are ingested to either connect/communicate with the spiritual world, for healing purpose or divination. One such visionary and medicinal shrub lying deep in the heart of West-Central Africa in the jungles of Gabon, is Tabernanthe Iboga. The Bwiticult, a religion followed by the tribes in Gabon, worship Iboga tree as t... »

spectacular butterfly in Peru amazon

A Journey to the Sacred Realms of Ayahuasca: II

This is the second part of the interview with spiritualist Anahata Menon about her experience with Ayahuasca deep in the Amazon jungles of Peru, healing nature of this sacred plant and alternative healing as compared to modern interventions. How has it transformed your life? I have tried to portray the essence of an Ayahuasca ceremony in one of the chapters in my book Song Journey Home, and I enco... »

ayahuasca visions

A Journey to the Sacred Realms of Ayahuasca: I

After having written about the sacred Amazonian plant Ayahuasca and its healing properties, I was always drawn towards finding out more about it and knowing people’s experiences with this Spirit Vine. I spoke with Mumbai-based Anahata Menon, who began her journey as a healer and spiritualist after a series of powerful experiences in 2004, about her vision that led her to the Amazon jungles t... »

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