A Lesson Learnt from Nature

the bunch of pupsNature has its own way to teach us lessons and today we just learnt one. We got this opportunity to watch a bunch of puppies grow up, they were born very close to the house, and since the time of birth they seem to have a constant shiver.

But as they grew up they tend to shiver less, started to move about minding each step. Until today I noticed when the windows or doors are closed they get that shiver again, probably due to the loud or a new kind of sound.

However, it wasn’t only related to sound, when another animal or human came up close they use to shiver again, lets say its a shiver related to fear. Once they got accustomed to seeing either the animal/human or hearing these sounds more often, they finally stopped shivering. Or even if they heard a familiar sound which was loud, like the water pump coming on or off every half hour, it didn’t bother them.

Perhaps they have familiarized or gotten use to these experiences and now begin to realize that these fit into a normal environment. Its like either they choose to block out these experiences as something they don’t need to bother about or put them in an ignore folder in their minds.

the puppy exploring its surroundingsThe same goes for us, when we are born the air we breath, the place we live, the food we eat, the water we drink, the abundance or scarcity of flora and fauna, etc., we adapt to these things. But its not limited to those, we turn a blind eye and choose to ignore much more, like a corrupt system, war, rape, crime and the list goes on.

These are on a very broad spectrum, but when we look within ourselves we can find many more ignore folders that help us make choices each day. Most of these ignore folders are developed by us to assist in getting through our lives with minimal botheration of whats happening around us.

This in turn twists our perception of reality and filters the way we see and interact with our environment. How and why we react to certain stimuli is based on the way our mind works with these filters.

These puppies inspired me to wonder what are the things we have put in our filter list, the truth is if we all worked with our filters we would not only live a more fulfilling and holistic life but a life that will bring about more positivity for everything and everybody around us.

Like Alvin Toffler puts it, “The illiterate of the the 21st century will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who does not know how to learn, unlearn and relearn.”

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  • Clyde

    Multidimensional spiritual being and founder of Fractal Enlightenment having a human experience and trying to improve it. One of the main purpose of why we started FractalEnlightenment, im a torch bearer, trying to shine the light in dark places. Thank you for gracing me with your presence, In Lak'ech Ala K'in! (I am another you)

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