A Definitive Guide to Magical Health ~ Part 1

Human beings are by nature believers. We conduct our affairs according to whatever representations of ‘reality’ we take as ‘facts!’ We value what we assume to be ‘true,’ and may argue or even resort to violence to keep our convictions intact. We are human, and paradoxically, intelligent but not ‘dumb’ enough to be wise. Like monkeys, we are capable of fighting over bananas . . . unlike monkeys we will continue to do so when there are none.

The story that follows leads far from the mainstream of current belief, though they too must ultimately change course. You may be tempted to dismiss it as ‘merely an interesting notion’ or maybe even ‘pseudo-scientific quackery’ and by expressing certainty that we cannot be sure of anything (except, of-course, your certainty) you can accomplish just that.
Good Health Cartoon
Then again, you may want to take it seriously. But how so? If multi-billion-dollar research projects, employing thousands of physiologists, cardiologists, pathologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, biologists, chemists, etc., in laboratories so sophisticated that another degree is required to understand their purpose — if these men and women have thus far failed to find a cure for arthritis, chronic pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia or the common cold, and with latrogenesis to boot, is it possible to take seriously the suggestion that the answers are not to be found in science at all, but rather in the generations of experimental trials based on human instincts?

Hardly. Because as usual, we are not really prepared to accept ideas that are alien to our beliefs. If the methods are only slightly unorthodox and we have kept an open mind, we may grant them some space within our system of understanding. But suppose they are genuine heresy?

The theses set forth here are basic to human well-being. Like Columbus’s, they will elicit objections and warnings, and lead to the discovery of new landscapes. Like Galileo’s, they will endanger the established order.

They will be obvious to children, perplexing to adults, anathema to cooks and for many, nothing less than godsend. Hope this has something to offer everyone. May all beings achieve peace, freedom and happiness. (An extract from the book ‘Instinctive Nutrition’ by Severen L. Schaeffer.’)

toxic processed food leads to health problemsIt is ridiculous that formal training in medicine does not require an in-depth investigation of nutrition. As a result, in no aspect of human behavior is there greater variety, controversy, and dogma than there is in the field of nutrition.

Nutrition varies in the average modern diet, whether raw, protein or carbohydrate heavy. Proponents all make exaggerated claims about their methods, though most intelligent people would admit after experiencing them that all of them are terrible.

A few years ago, as I was leaving university and attempting to wean off of childhood addictions to industrially manufactured sugar, salt, wheat, rice & dairy, which is no easy task without catalysts, I had one of many of those moments where it hits you “damn, I’ve got to get my act together.”

You know the drill: Devastated from years of being occupied for much of the day in meaningless routines – mostly societal, lots of time spent at the computer like some mind-machine who believed in transmuting the building blocks of matter with the power of the Internet at the exclusion of everything else, ultimately ending up winded trying to climb a staircase after not getting off the bed for months. The price had to be settled.
medicine is not health care
So, I decided to embrace the void. To meld with the opposite. To unify the divided. I became a health nut. It had to be done. And, so upon entering the Path, through that door that had been locked and barred for me all my life by my own blind prejudice and delusive belief in a split of mind/body (reinforced by societies double standards and my training in school), I found it to be not only well maintained by all manner of helpful and cheery chums but also to be a path of human development more demanding, more continually life-affirming and even more satisfying than many of the higher consciousness change techniques I had immersed myself into while in my early twenties. In retrospect I am beginning to see the value of these explorations for current and future ‘doomed’ generations.

To enter the path, I began with a few months of severing my toxic habits. I switched to only pure unprocessed food and cut the chemicals out of my diet. Since then, all the following poisons and processing technologies are more ubiquitous and pervasive in the food system along with the propaganda, disinformation and legislation that helps them sell, so it makes sense to develop an understanding of each of them better than better.

‘Ingredients’ explores a thriving local food movement as our world becomes a more flavorless, disconnected and dangerous place to eat –

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) –

Genetic Roulette – If this movie does not wake you up to start making changes than nothing will. Make that change today so that us and our children have our tomorrows – they are slowly poisoning each and every one of us.

You can read more on the Future of food with Monsanto, Food Labs Use An Average of 2000 Chemicals To Create 500 ‘Natural Flavors

“Low-Fat” Food – Transfats – Hydrogenated Oils

Reasons to keep these out of your diet –
How transfats destroy health
Dangers of Hydrogenated Oils

Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG and free Glucamates –

‘Aspartame – Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World,’ documentary discusses the dangers of Aspartame (made from GM bacteria) and MSG, the flavour enhancers that are linked to the increase in brain cancer and brain disorders, and many other degenerative diseases.

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Pasteurization and Homogenization

Drink milk its good for the bones is the common teaching we all were brought up with. Nowadays, its safer not to have milk because of the chemical process it undergoes, like Pasteurization and Homogenization, that makes it incompatible with our bodies.

Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index (GI) measures how quickly carbohydrates we consume raise our blood sugar levels 2-3 hours after we eat. Learn more on the measurement of carbohydrates, which convert to glucose.


Avoid Health hazards of modern grains

Industrial Meat Farming

The video below ‘The Truth About Your Food with FOOD Inc filmmaker Robert Kenner,’ shows the true cost of cheap food and the state of the food industries –

That’s a good start. It wasn’t easy giving all of it up, the unbearable craving to give myself a fix, indistinguishable from a drug-addiction, with addicts all around smirking at the notion of breaking free. Within a terrifyingly long week, however, I figured it’d do me well to start replacing dope-for-food with alternatives and in the process of experimenting with certain types, I was blessed with an invigorating rush, an incredibly satisfying hit. In this manner, blazed the first insight:

“Dunking the tummy with edible matter is nowhere near satiating as the body is just as nutritionally starved still craving to be pleased. Often mistaken for more hunger, we continue to stuff it with useless imposter food. Once rewarded with nutrition, the healing mechanism turbo charges kicking the organism into overdrive.”

After undoing toxin accumulation, in the next part, we will walk down the road to fitness of the mind, body and spirit…

Continue reading part 2
of the definitive guide to magical health.

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