Optical Illusions

Optical Illusion is a visual phenomena, that tricks the eye and is lot of fun too, especially when the images are from real life and not artificially created. I found a really interesting photo on Mighty Illusions of Rafael Nadal, the tennis superstar, playing tennis using Ericsson logo. Have a look below –
Rafael Nadal tennis shot
The second image I found on the same site is of an Invisible Prince in the painting. It seems this was created some 200 years ago and it is painted on the wall of some nursery of a children hospital. Can you spot the Invisible Prince?
The Invisible Prince
If you want to test your senses and your knowledge on optical illusions, then take up this Illusion Test by BBC. There are 20 questions, will take around 10 minutes. I enjoyed doing it and scored 17 points. Tell us your score.

Here’s a video packed with optical illusions, just hit pause if you need to.


Mighty Illusions

Stereograms: Trick Your Eyes!

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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