Larry Carlson’s Wonderful World

Who is Larry Carlson?
Larry Carlson is a visionary multi media artist who works with computers to create artwork that is completely mind blowing.

Working in the mediums of web art, digital art, animation, video art, collage and sound he presents us with the mystical dimensions of consciousness, coaxing us into sweet spiritualized epiphanies one moment then plunging us into completely bizarre surreal frenzies the next.

Carlson has exhibited his artwork in museums and galleries in the U.S., Brazil, Sweden, France, and Germany. He has also provided live visuals for major electronic music events in New York City, Las Vegas, Toronto,and Los Angeles,as well as mixing video live on tour with musical group, The Kottonmouth Kings.

Interview with Larry Carlson

What inspires your work?

To stay inspired, I look at a lot of different kinds of art in museums, galleries, and online. Many of the ideas for my art come to me in dreams and visions. I spend a lot of time out in nature, hiking, camping and taking photos, being a part of the mother nature system has a deep influence on my work.

How do you create your collage work?

With glue and scissors.I hunt for old books and magazines for material to use and I print out images from the computer. I cut and splice these samples into new formations that reconstruct culturally constructed meaning of the original samples, opening up these received images to a multiplicity of interpretations. Collage artists take a tiny little bit of something from a piece and put it together with a lot of other pieces and make a distinct whole. Sometimes I like to collaborate on collage books with other fellow collagists, like Brian Belott.
1birdmusic_larrycarlson How do you make the soundtracks?

I make my soundtracks by mixing and processing sound samples on the computer. I use several different sound programs to put the tracks together. I collage samples from everywhere and anywhere, the TV, the web, radio, phone messages, turntables and musical instruments. I also play around with the KORG MS2000, a really cool Pink Floydish sounding synthesizer .
larrycarlson-digital-artDo you have a blog?

Yes. Kind of…its a very experimental blog, It’s not really a log of my real life , but a log of my surreal life. It’s a stream of digital, mixed media, and collage artwork. I give you a peek at what I’m working on at the moment, as well as open up my archives and show some old work. Here’s a link to it – SKYHASEYESRead the Entire Larry Carlson Interview
larry carlson


Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson’s Blog

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