Optical Illusions IV

We can never get enough of optical illusions. So I’ve searched for some more intriguing images to tease your eyes!

Below is a shop in Burkina Faso, in Africa. The owner seems to be looking for customers, but it seems like there is nothing interesting in his collection of bowls and buckets, or are we missing something. If we were to move a few steps towards our left, we can see something really interesting! Can you see it now? All the items, the straw roof, and the tree branch form the face of a man. The multi-coloured items on top form his hat, and his nose and mouth are to the right. Brilliant optical illusion, isn’t it!

Can you guess the hidden image? If you succeeded in guessing the image in Optical Illusion II, then this is a simple one.Mysterious Illusion
Any guesses?

There is something in these spots. In fact this image is one of the popular “Guess what” pictures on the Net. It’s going to test your experience in identifying a visually challenging image. Mysterious Illusion

Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Some people see it instantly, but some, like me who are spaced out most of the time, can’t!Deliberate MistakeIf you couldn’t guess what’s the mistake, then what’s the name of the animal?

This one is an absolute gem. I loved it! Simply stare at the black dot in the center of the image and you will find all the coloured clouds gradually disappearing. Move your eyes away and look at the image, the clouds are still there, nothing has changed! color-desaparece

Hope you enjoyed this short collection of optical illusions. There are many more to come.

Planet Perplex
Grand Illusions

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